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Did Your Heat Pump Make it Through the Cold of Winter?

Winter has been especially hard for some families in Alabama, which can affect their heating and cooling system heading into spring and summer. A furnace gets a break during late spring, summer and early fall and an air conditioner gets to relax during late fall, winter and early spring. A heat pump, on the other hand, operates year-round to provide ideal temperatures without taking a break.

The best way to ensure your heat pump is ready for the shift to spring is with heat pump maintenance performed by our NATE-certified technicians at Douglas Cooling & Heating. By scheduling maintenance with Douglas Cooling & Heating, you will experience several perks during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Fewer HVAC Repairs

A heat pump irregularly cleaned or inspected will experience minor and major issues during the year. Heat pump maintenance catches these problems early and repairs them cheaper than if the problem continues, becoming expensive to repair in the future. The best defense against heat pump malfunctions and breakdowns is with regularly scheduled maintenance. You will save money down the road and reduce your stress from unexpected heat pumps failures.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Heat pump maintenance prevents a buildup of dust, dirt and other debris throughout your system, which affects its performance. When dust and other debris accumulate throughout your system, the airflow becomes restricted, forcing your system to work harder than necessary to supply controlled temperatures in your home. A heat pump constantly cycling on and off wastes energy, resulting in decreased efficiency. Your heat pump will provide ideal temperatures evenly throughout your home with regularly scheduled heat pump maintenance.

Reduced Energy Bills

Your heating and cooling system is responsible for almost half the energy use in your home. Heat pump maintenance allows your unit to operate less often and reduces the amount of stress put on its components. By reducing how often your heat pump cycles on and off, less energy is used during the day and creates a more efficient system. Less energy consumed by your heat pump produces lower monthly energy bills.

Longer Life of Your Heat Pump

A heat pump maintained on a regular basis can last an average of 14 years. When a heat pump is neglected, its lifespan is greatly reduced and needs expensive HVAC repairs to keep it operational. Problems are caught early with proper maintenance, which reduces the wear and tear on your unit and its components. Heat pump maintenance is important, especially when you aren’t ready to fork out extra money on a new heat pump. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule your heat pump maintenance with one of our experience NATE-certified technicians before temperatures start to rise.

What Happens During Heat Pump Maintenance?

During heat pump maintenance a variety of tasks are performed by our HVAC technicians. We will test all the electrical components in your system and the control board. Electrical malfunctions are common when a unit has been used excessively during the winter. If the filter hasn’t been replaced recently, we will check the current filter and replace or clean it depending on the type used in your heat pump. Inspection of the components during the maintenance call is vital so our technicians can identify signs of stress and repair or replace any damaged parts. We will also make sure the belts are in good condition and lubricate the motors. Other tasks performed during heat pump maintenance include:

  • Inspecting the refrigerant levels and checking for leaks
  • Measuring the airflow of the unit
  • Cleaning the outdoor and indoor unit thoroughly
  • Inspecting the ducts for leaks and repairing them if found
  • Checking the thermostat settings
  • Ensuring all connections are tight and
  • Inspecting the indoor coil and blower motor.

With winter coming to a close, your heat pump needs to be inspected, cleaned and prepped for the upcoming spring and summer weather. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule heat pump maintenance with one of our NATE-certified technicians. With proper care, you can prevent costly repairs in the future on your heat pump.

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