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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Birmingham, AL

Homeowners may be curious at a company mainly focused on electrical and HVAC services offering full-bore sheet metal fabrication on top of its other services. The more you know about HVAC systems, however, the more sense it makes for a top-notch company to provide sheet metal fabrication as well. Here in Birmingham, AL, most homes use forced-air furnaces and air conditioners to warm and cool their homes. They rely on a system of ducts to carry the air through your home, and sometimes those ducts need specialized parts to traverse tough parts of your house or to patch damage that may have occurred in the ducts.

At Douglas Cooling & Heating, we can handle all of that within our own company, ensuring you don’t have to hunt around to find a sheet metal fabrication service to help. We also provide sheet metal design for more aesthetic parts of your home, from chimney caps to kitchen hoods. Don’t hunt all over town when the answers to your issues can be found right here. Our friendly staff is standing by so give us a call today!

Look to Douglas Cooling & Heating for sheet metal fabrication services in Birmingham, AL

Additional Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Installation Services Run the Gamut of What You Need

If you need a piece of fitted sheet metal, then installation means more than just showing up and popping on a piece. You need to understand what the homeowner needs, the pressures and stress that the piece may be placed under and the best way to install it to keep the system it’s connected to working at its best. That’s why it pays to have a company like Douglas Cooling & Heating, who understands your household systems as a whole instead of just the particulars of making and shaping metal. We serve the whole of Birmingham, AL and our trained staff is ready to meet your needs no matter what they may be. Give us a call today!

Custom Metal Work Services

Custom metal work means handling any issue that may require a piece of shapeable metal. We often see it used in chimneys and fireplaces, but it can also work as kitchen hoods, cupolas, and even window panes and other locations. Your needs are unique as your home, but with the right service, you’ll end up with the exact piece you want.

Ductwork Services

Sheet metal for ductwork falls into one of two basic categories. Either you need a fitted piece to seal a hole or breach in the ducts, or you need a piece to get the length of duct around a tricky corner or similar tough spot in your home. Either way, a good service can help you out.

Ventilation Services

Whether residential or commercial, ventilation systems are vital to everything from heaters and furnaces to kitchen hoods and ovens. When breaches occur in a ventilation system, or you need a fitted part to get around a tricky spot in the walls or crawlspace, a quality sheet metal fabrication service can custom–build the part you need, and install it with professionalism and pride.

Sheet Metal Plays a Key Role in Duct Repair

When ducts are breached, it can cause a big problem with your HVAC system. Unconditioned air can be pulled in or conditioned air can be pulled out, forcing your system to work harder to do its job. When undergoing duct repair, sheet metal fabrication services can be used to create a fitted piece that can seal the breach properly. A qualified HVAC repair service like Douglas Cooling & Heating can not only design and install the fitted sheet, but can examine the issue beforehand and determine the exact dimensions needed to fix the actual problem the right way the first time.

Maintenance Issues Are Made Easier with On–Site Sheet Metal Fabrication

When you’re treating a problem with your duct system, it pays to eliminate a few steps in the process without skimping on quality. In many cases, the HVAC service you’re employing will have to order a custom piece from a sheet metal company, necessitating multiple stages while the company you hired contacts a completely separate company to get the piece you need, then come back to correct the problem. At Douglas Cooling & Heating, that process is eliminated. We provide a wide array of sheet metal fabrication services in–house, meaning you get what you need quickly and without fuss. We serve the whole of Birmingham, AL, so give us a call today!