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Thermostat Services in Birmingham, AL

A part of the comfort system in a home that people often take for granted is the thermostat. Without a thermostat, the air conditioning and heating for a home won’t work. Even a thermostat with a slight miscalibration can start creating a negative effect on a home’s temperatures and lead to unnecessary energy drain.

Thermostats are too complicated for amateurs to handle. You must always call professional technicians when you’re looking for thermostat installation, repairs, or upgrades. You can place your trust in the team at Douglas Cooling & Heating whenever you require thermostat services. We carry many of the top brands and models of comfort controls, and we’ll tackle any repair job necessary to see that your home in Birmingham has thermostats working at their best.

The HVAC professionals at Douglas Cooling & Heating offer complete services for thermostats in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

The Importance of the Thermostat in Your Home

Douglas Cooling Bryant Evo Connex Home ScreenIt’s easy to overlook the crucial job that a thermostat does for an HVAC system. The thermostat is both the control panel for the heater and air conditioner as well as the temperature sensor that monitors conditions in a home. A thermostat that isn’t working as it should will be unable to control the heater and AC, or it’ll sense incorrect temperatures and cause the HVAC system to work wastefully and/or ineffectively.

Often, repairs can take care of a thermostat that is creating issues in a home. If your HVAC system is experiencing problems, call our technicians and they will check to see if the thermostat is responsible, and fix it if it is. However, in some situations it’s better to replace the thermostat with a new unit, especially if the current unit is an older manual or simple digital model.

Options for Thermostat Installation and Replacement

If it’s time for a thermostat replacement in your house, or you’re planning the first installation of thermostats for a new house, you have many different choices. The manual thermostat has been superseded by a number of superior types, and your HVAC technicians can help you decide on the kind that best fits your household and budget.

  • Digital thermostat: Even a no–frills digital thermostat that has no programming features is an improvement in precision over a manual model. But with programmability, you have the ability to control the thermostat’s setting when you’re away from home or asleep. This gives you the power to customize comfort in the house for maximum energy savings.
  • Wireless thermostat: Wireless technology makes thermostat placement easier than ever. Most wireless models are also equipped with remote controls and Wi–Fi capability so you can run the thermostat from anywhere—across the room or across the country.
  • Smart thermostat: One of the highest achievements in comfort control technology available to homes today is the smart thermostat, which develops its own programming based on a homeowner’s history of settings. Smart thermostats optimize savings and comfort entirely on their own.
  • Evolution Series: Ask our technicians about the Bryant Evolution Series of communicating technology, which goes even a step beyond many smart thermostats.

Let Us Provide You with Quality Thermostat Service

Comfort is what we provide to our customers, and we’ve been in the comfort business since 1972. To help you enjoy the finest comfort in your home while saving energy, we offer quality thermostat services. No matter if you’re looking for installations, upgrades, or repairs, Douglas Cooling & Heating can see to your needs. Call us in Birmingham today to arrange for an appointment or service.