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Packaged HVAC Units

Packaged HVAC Unit Services in Birmingham, AL

When most people think about central air conditioners and heat pumps, they have a specific image in mind: a system with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit connected through power and refrigerant lines. This is the standard set-up for many homes, as well as some businesses. There is another configuration, however, which is popular with commercial buildings and also has a use with some homes. It’s a packaged HVAC unit, and it offers some specific benefits that might make it right for use for your house.

As with any powerful air conditioner or heat pump, a packaged HVAC system must have installation and other services from licensed and certified technicians. This isn’t a job for amateurs or a time for DIY experiments. Instead, pick up the phone and contact Douglas Cooling & Heating in Birmingham. We provide comprehensive services—from new installation to routine maintenance—for packaged HVAC units.

If you’re looking for service for packaged HVAC units—either packaged air conditioners or heat pumps—in Birmingham, AL or the surrounding areas, call Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Split Units vs. Packaged Units: What’s the Difference?

What exactly is a packaged unit, and how is it different from the standard central AC/heat pump often found in homes? The conventional system is known as a split system because it uses separate indoor and outdoor cabinets. The outdoor cabinet contains the compressor, exhaust fan, and refrigerant coil, and the indoor cabinet houses the blower, refrigerant coil, and connection to the ductwork. With a packaged unit, everything is contained inside a single cabinet located outside, which connects to the building’s ventilation system with return and supply ducts. All heat release and absorption occurs in this one unit, and the conditioned air goes into the supply ducts of the home.

Should You Install a Packaged Heat Pump or Air Conditioner?

Packaged air conditioners and heat pumps are the standard for most commercial buildings. But they have also started to become more popular in homes as well. You should ask an HVAC technician if your building is suited for a packaged system. Here are some of potential benefits:

  • Space–saving: The most common reason to choose a packaged HVAC unit for a building is to save space indoors. If your interior space is at a premium, a packaged AC/heat pump installation might be the ideal solution.
  • Ease of repairs and maintenance: Whenever a packaged HVAC unit is due for maintenance or it requires repairs, the technicians only have to deal with a single outdoor cabinet. This makes it simpler to diagnose issues and take care of inspections and tune–ups.
  • Quiet operation: Since there’s no blower fan located indoors, packaged units create much less noise pollution within a space.

We Have the Packaged HVAC Unit Services You Need

If you’re uncertain whether a packaged unit is the right installation for your home of business, you don’t need to worry. It requires professional assistance to make the best choice, and you’ll find the expertise necessary at Douglas Cooling & Heating. We’ve been in business since 1972 helping residential and commercial customers in the Birmingham area find the best ways to deliver comfort that’s both effective and energy saving. Depend on us to see that your packaged air conditioner or heat pump continues to work at peak level for years to come.