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12 Money Saving Solutions

12 money saving solutions you can check before scheduling a HVAC service call.

1.  Is your home currently receiving power from the utility company?

2.  Is your home currently receiving gas from the utility company?

3.  If your thermostat uses batteries, do they need to be replaced?

4.  Is the thermostat in the correct MODE setting (cool, heat)

5.  Is the air filter clean?

6.  Are any breakers, in the breaker box, tripped?

7.  Is the electrical switch at the indoor unit turned off?

8.  Is the electrical disconnect at the outdoor unit turned off?

9.  Is the condensation pump or drain line not draining?

10.  Is water in the emergency drain pan under the indoor unit?

11.  Are any air vents blocked or shut off?

12.  Are any doors, windows, attic accesses, or garage doors open?

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