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Fireplace Services in Birmingham, AL

Despite all the advances in heating technology over the centuries, fireplaces still occupy an important part of the heating system market. While they certainly aren’t found in every home in the country, you’d be surprised how many people still use fireplaces to keep warm during the colder nights of the year. For this reason, Douglas Cooling & Heating offers a full range of fireplace services throughout Birmingham, AL. If you need a fireplace installed, repaired, or maintained, we’re here for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our fireplace technicians. We’ll make sure that your fireplace is in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Call Douglas Cooling & Heating for a full range of fireplace services throughout Birmingham, AL.

Why Fireplaces Remain Popular

Fireplaces are great, but it can sometimes be quite puzzling why they remain prominent in a crowded heating market. After all, they can only really heat one room and require specialized services that few companies provide. If you’ve ever had a fireplace, however, then you know the real value of one is not just that it creates warmth. A fireplace is a centerpiece of a room, improving it in terms of aesthetics as well as climate control. A modern heating system can never provide the sense of safety and relaxation that a fireplace can. The real reason to own a fireplace isn’t just how warm it keeps you, but how it makes you feel. Of course, modern fireplaces are still quite good at warming up a space.

Fireplace Procedures to Be Aware Of

As mentioned above, fireplaces need professional services just as much as any other heating system. If you already have a fireplace in your home, make sure that you schedule an appointment with a professional company at least once a year. All sorts of problems can afflict a fireplace over time. For example: carbon particle buildup from burning natural gas can prevent the burner assembly from firing properly. If not cleaned up frequently, the buildup can prevent the burner assembly from firing at all.

The flue lining can also crack under the heat of hundreds of fires over the years, exposing the vulnerable chimney beneath. Proper chimney maintenance procedures can identify problems like these before they have the time to inflict serious damage. Be sure to call Douglas Cooling & Heating before you plan on using your fireplace more frequently, just to make sure that everything is in good condition.

We Offer Comprehensive Fireplace Services

Whether you need a new fireplace installed or an old one serviced, Douglas Cooling & Heating can take care of your fireplace needs. Our expert technicians have many years of experience in installing and maintaining fireplaces throughout Birmingham, AL. If you want your fireplace to last many long years, and provide you with hundreds of hours of warmth, we’re the people to call. We’ll make sure that you are absolutely satisfied with your fireplace. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our fireplace technicians. Douglas Cooling & Heating is here for you.