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Zone Control System

Zone Control System Services in Birmingham, AL

If there’s a drawback to using central air conditioning and heating in a house, it’s the limitation in how you can control which rooms in the building receive comfort. The standard HVAC set up gives you little ability to manipulate the distribution of temperatures, aside from closing the vents covers to rooms—and this only makes a minor difference and won’t help save energy. If you live in a large house or one with rooms that are frequently empty (such as guest rooms), you may want to seek a better way to distribute heated and cooled air.

One answer to this dilemma is to have professionals install a zone control system, also known as a multi zone system. Zoning gives you the ability to close off the ductwork in your home so that certain sections do not receive air flow from the HVAC system. Douglas Cooling & Heating can retrofit your ducts with zone control, or we can arrange for it as part of a new HVAC system installation. Contact us in Birmingham today to find out more.

The HVAC technicians at Douglas Cooling & Heating offer installation and service for zone control systems in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

How Zone Heating and Zone Air Conditioning Works

To divide a house into different "zones" where heating and cooling can be manipulated independently, technicians must place a series of airtight dampers into the ducts. This can be done either during initial installation of the ducts, or by cutting open the ducts and later re–sealing them. Each damper can shut off a section of ductwork, and a homeowner can choose to have as many zones as they want in a house, from as few as two (such as the upstairs and downstairs) to as many as there are rooms.

The dampers connect to local thermostats that can be used to control temperatures within the zones. The local thermostats are then connected, either with wires or wirelessly, into a central control panel. The homeowner can operate all the zones through this control panel.

Advantages of Zone Heating and Cooling

A professionally installed zone control system has a number of important benefits:

  • Energy conservation: Because you can shut off the flow of heating or cooling to unused rooms, you can significantly reduce your energy use around the year.
  • Individual comfort: A zone control system can bring an end to arguments in your household over whether it’s too hot or too cold. Each person can control the temperature wherever they are to suit their own comfort requirements.
  • Temperatures tailored for rooms: Not every room in a house needs to have the same temperature as the rest. A baby’s room may need to be warmer, while a kitchen will probably need to be cooler. Zone control lets you customize the temperatures around the house to fit each room.

We Offer Comprehensive Zone Control Services

If a multi zone system sounds like just what your house in Birmingham needs, call Douglas Cooling & Heating. We’ll be glad to go over your various options in order to find a zoning solution that fits your house and budget. And should you ever require repair work for your zone control system, simply give us a call and we’ll be there to help.