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Ductwork Services in Birmingham, AL

Here at Douglas Cooling & Heating, we have full sheet metal fabrication services designed to treat a lot of needs for Birmingham, AL households. But far and away the most common use for those services is with the ductwork in your walls. Ducts serve as a transportation device for conditioned air from your furnace or AC unit, and as such they can be extremely important for your system. When they run into trouble, for whatever reason, you need the kinds of services we offer to make it right. Whether that entails a fitted part to seal a breach or a specialized section of ductwork to get around a particularly tough obstacle in your wall, you’ll find our friendly professionals ready and able to make the problem go away. Contact us today to get the process started. You’ll be glad you did!

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Additional Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Installation of Custom Ductwork Means a Knowledge of HVAC Systems

Ductwork services specialize in creating fitted sections of duct for your home, which can be a great boon to homes that have a tough time getting ducts into tougher parts of the home. It may be a corner that has an odd angle, or the need to get the duct around piping or electrical wiring in a safe and efficient manner. Whatever the reason, you need someone who understands HVAC systems as well as they understand sheet metal fabrication. Douglas Cooling & Heating has the skills to do both, and can solve your ductwork dilemma the right way every time.

Ductwork Repair Means Specialized Pieces

A breach in your ductwork can pull conditioned air out of your system, forcing it to work harder and raising your monthly bills in the process. Repairing the issue might require a fitted piece of metal to cover the breach, but most HVAC repair services don’t have the facilities to create such a piece and most metal fabrication companies don’t understand how to pinpoint and address problems in an HVAC system. Douglas Cooling & Heating, however can do both quite easily, ensuring that the problem is fixed the right way. If you live in Birmingham and you have need of ductwork repair, call us today!

Whatever Your Ductwork Problem, We’re the Company to Call

Ductwork is an important, but often overlooked part of your HVAC system, and here at Douglas Cooling & Heating, we’re dedicated to delivering comprehensive installation, maintenance and repair service to you. That’s part of why we have full sheet metal fabrication services, as well as a staff trained and certified to handle ductwork problems of all varieties. If you have a breach that needs to be repaired, an expansion to your home requiring more duct work, or a specialized piece of duct needed to make the system work, then look no further. Our trained staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide the kind of service you expect for your home. We’re available to communities throughout the greater Birmingham, AL area, and we stand by the high quality of our work and our staff. Contact us today to find out more!