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How Do I Know If My Pipes Are Leaking Under My Floor?

Plumbing leaks can be hidden throughout your home and you probably wouldn’t realize it until you get hit with an unusually high water bill. Spikes in your water bill without a change in your water usage are often the first indication homeowners have a hidden leak, but where could it be? The Douglas Cooling & Heating at Douglas Cooling & Heating discuss how you can tell if your pipes are leaking under your floor. If you find a leak, call Douglas Cooling & Heating right away for comprehensive plumbing repairs.

Signs of Leaking Pipes

Pipes are all over your house. Within your walls, floors, and even in your yard. Water damage can become extensive quickly and can be expensive to fix, so if you have a leak, finding it is of the utmost importance. Water leaks also waste hundreds of gallons of water. Fixing these leaks fast can help save you money and help the planet.

Since pipes aren’t in plain sight, it’s hard to tell where a leak is often coming from. Let’s go through some common places where you may find leaks in your home and how to test for them.

Watch Your Water Meter

Turn off all the water running appliances in your home and locate your water meter. It is usually located outside of your home on the side of your house, or in a pit in your yard. With all the appliances off, your water meter should show that you are not consuming any water. However, if it is moving and all your appliances and sinks are off, then you have a leaky pipe or appliance somewhere in your home.

Test Appliances and Toilets

A common culprit of a hidden water leak in your toilet. Conduct the dye test on your toilets. Put some food color in the tank of your toilet and see if the dye moves into the toilet bowl. Check also for wetness around the base of the toilet to see if the porcelain has developed invisible leaks.

Run your appliances and inspect the base of the appliances for wet floors or puddles. Listen for any dripping water when you run appliances as well to clue you into other leaks.

Look at the Pipes You Can See

Look in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to see if the plumbing pipes to the sinks are leaking. If your cabinets are full of items, you may need to take the items out to see if they are wet.

Damage To Your Floor, Walls, or Ceilings

Warped floors, peeling wallpaper, and water spots on the ceiling are signs that you have a leaky pipe somewhere. Unexpected wet carpets or pools of water on your floor are big signs there is a leak under your floor. If parts of your floor seem unusually hot, mark the section of the floor with tape and see if the heat persists the next day as well. This could be another sign of a slow leak. Keep your eyes peeled for bowing or separating walls, doors and windows that won’t close fully as these can be signs of water damage.

Outdoor Leaks

Not only could there be leaks underneath your home’s foundation and floors, but there could also be leaks in your yard. If you have spots in your lawn that are unusually lush, your sewer line could be leaking under your grass. Sewer lines often run from your house to the street through your front yard and your sewer line may also be under concrete features like driveways and sidewalks. Douglas Cooling & Heating can inspect your sewer line and clear it of any clogs to prevent it from developing leaks.

Strange Odors

Another big sign of a leaking pipe within your home’s walls or floors is unusual odors. If you notice a musty smell in your home it is often caused by mold or mildew growth. Mold and mildew love damp conditions like those created by a leaky pipe. Mold and mildew can grow just about anywhere; within walls, under carpets, within cabinets, and within openings for doors and windows.

Call Douglas Cooling & Heating For Plumbing Repairs

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers a variety of plumbing repairs throughout your home. Whether you need small leaks taken care of, or you have a pipe burst, call the Douglas Cooling & Heating in Birmingham, AL to fix your plumbing issues quickly. Schedule an appointment with Douglas Cooling & Heating today.

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