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Should I Replace My Furnace Before Winter Starts?

Heating season isn’t that far off, and it’s important that you make sure your furnace is up to the task before it starts. If your furnace is just too old or damaged to get you through another winter, it’s best to replace it now. Otherwise, you run the risk of having it die on you in the middle of a very cold day. Read on to find out some of the signs that you need a new furnace before winter starts.


As the weather starts to get colder, and you use your furnace more often, the cost of operating the system is naturally going to rise. However, older furnaces have quite a bit of wear and tear on their systems. That leads to a steadily declining efficiency that forces the system to stay on for longer and longer in order to compensate. This will be reflected in steadily rising heating bills. If your furnace seems to be costing far more to operate than it should, it may be because you need to replace it.


The closer a furnace gets to the end of its life, the more various parts of it will start to fail from age and wear. A younger furnace shouldn’t need repairs more than once every few years or so. If your furnace needs repairs multiple times a year, you should probably install a new one.


Furnaces are manufactured to last around 15 years. After that point, they become steadily more and more costly to keep up and running. If you have a furnace that is older than 15 years, you should talk to a professional about whether or not it would be a good idea to install a new system.

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