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Spring HVAC Service Checklist

Spring is officially here and it’s time for your annual HVAC service call checklist. Do you know what all is performed when a Douglas Cooling & Heating technician visits your Birmingham home? Our HVAC service call checklist tells you what to expect and why these steps are important.

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HVAC Service Call Checklist

During your spring preventive maintenance tune-up, our technicians work through the following HVAC service call checklist to thoroughly care for your cooling system.

Outdoor coil cleaning

Your system’s condenser coil (the one outside in your air conditioner condenser unit) becomes caked with dirt and grime over the course of normal use.

This buildup reduces the coil’s ability to release the heat absorbed from inside, lowering cooling efficiency and stressing the system. We clean the coil to remove buildup, providing plenty of surface area for heat exchange.

Indoor coil inspection

The indoor coil is responsible for absorbing heat in your home. If it’s not working right, you won’t receive the cooling power you need. We inspect the indoor coil to make sure it’s clean and in good working condition.

Electrical inspection

Air conditioning systems are powered by electricity. For your safety, we inspect the system’s electrical elements to ensure there is no damage or other malfunctions that could pose a danger when in use.

Capacitance check

The air conditioner’s capacitator stores energy to power the unit when it’s time to start up. To ensure it does its job, we measure capacitance to learn if it needs repair or replacement before cooling season starts.

Oil motors

The blower motor inside your home is responsible for the circulation of cooled air. We oil the necessary components to keep the motor working smoothly and efficiently.

Tighten connections

Your air conditioner has many electrical connections within. We examine each connection and make sure it is tight for good contact because it aids performance and safety.

Filter change

Start cooling season with a clean air filter for better cooling system performance and efficiency. We change your filter, installing a new basic filter within the filter compartment.

Clean and treat drain line

The drain line allows condensation from the cooling process to cleanly exit your home. We examine the drain line, clean it, and treat it to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Check pressure levels

For your air conditioner to run efficiently, it needs precise refrigerant pressure levels. We measure these levels to ensure proper performance and efficiency.

Vacuum air handler

Dust and debris often settle within the air handler or blower motor compartment, where they may cause damage to components. We clean these chambers to prevent future problems and keep your system clean.

Call Douglas Cooling & Heating for Preventive HVAC Maintenance in Birmingham

In conclusion, make sure your cooling system is ready for warmer temperatures. Schedule a preventive maintenance tune-up with Douglas Cooling & Heating today. We go through every item on our HVAC service call checklist to ensure your cooling system will work efficiently this season and provide the performance you expect. Contact us today to learn more.

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