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Helpful Plumbing Tips for Spring: Keep Your Home Dry

With April showers, it’s time to think about plumbing tips for spring. Here at Douglas Cooling & Heating, we know how to avoid inconvenient plumbing problems in your Birmingham, Alabama area home. Your home deserves the highest quality plumbing available and we know how to get you there. In this blog, we’ll review common plumbing problems, plumbing tips for spring for homeowners and how to prevent issues.

Potential Springtime Plumbing Problems

Spring arrives with its own difficulties for your plumbing, especially in Birmingham, Alabama. Spring marks a shift in temperature from cold to warm, sometimes with sudden temperature changes overnight. As a result, your pipes function differently. Here are some things to watch for before we share our plumbing tips for spring.

Excessive condensation

First, the change in temperatures causes condensation on your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Though this seems like a small issue, prolonged moisture build-up damages areas around the condensation.

Leaky pipes

Winter wrecks your plumbing. The cold causes pipes to freeze and potentially burst, even in the South. When spring rolls around, the new problem lies with discovery. In spring, you see all the cracks, breaks or leaks the harsh winter left behind.

Extra clogs

Next, your drains experience more use in the winter. Between long showers and holiday parties, your plumbing gets used more often in the winter months. Because of this, your drains in the spring have more issues with clogs.

Hair and food get stuck in your drains the more you use them, so springtime reveals all the clogs created in the winter.


Lastly, spring marks the beginning of plant growth. While plant life makes your home a more beautiful place, plants also present a problem for your plumbing. Roots grow as the weather warms.

Occasionally, these roots grow through your underground plumbing. If you notice excessive amounts of water in your backyard, not from rain, it’s because roots have likely damaged your pipes.

How to Prevent Problems with Plumbing Tips this Spring

The problems listed above don’t have to ruin your spring. With these helpful hints, keep your pipes, drains, faucets, and toilets in great condition.

Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #1 – Regular maintenance

The best way to combat potential springtime plumbing threats stems from consistent maintenance. Check on your drains and pipes by yourself, then call a professional for added security. Douglas Cooling & Heating offers free estimates on service checks to help you plan your tune-ups.

Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #2 – Keep plumbing dry

To combat condensation, wipe down exposed plumbing fixtures regularly. As a preventative step, invest in insulation for your pipes. Insulation keeps the temperature regulated so condensation never forms.

Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #3 – Be conscientious in winter

Next, stay aware of your water usage in the winter months. Prevent excessive clogging in the spring with limited water use in the winter. Long showers after a day in the cold are great, but drain blockages counteract all those good feelings.

Homeowner Plumbing Tips for Spring #4 – Check underground plumbing

When it comes to tree roots, you want to leave the exploration for professionals. When you call with Douglas Cooling & Heating, ask us to check out where your main plumbing lines are during the visit. We determine if your trees present a risk to your plumbing.

If your home was built in the 1970s or earlier, you might have something called Orangeburg pipe. Many of these pipes are at the end of their useful life and eventually crumble. If you’re unsure, we can verify then come up with a plan to protect and preserve your pipes if possible.

It’s better to be proactive than to discover you have a preventable, massive plumbing and sewer problem.  

Best Plumbing Tips for Spring? Call Douglas Cooling & Heating

In conclusion, it’s best to perform regular maintenance, keep plumbing dry, be mindful during winter and stay ahead of underground pipe issues. These plumbing tips for spring are sure to help when the warm weather hits.

You don’t have to worry about plumbing problems in Birmingham if you get regular maintenance checks and regularly check on your plumbing.

Our licensed plumbers handle a variety of plumbing needs, including leak repairs, water heater services, plumbing fixture repairs and installations, drain clearing and water quality products. We serve customers in Vestavia Hills, Helena, Pelham, Chelsea, Mountain Brook, Calera, Hoover, Homewood and Bessemer.

So call Douglas Cooling & Heating today if you notice any problems. We provide great service and understand plumbing needs during spring. We look forward to serving you!

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