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HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Services in Vestavia Hills, AL

Since 1972, Douglas Cooling & Heating has helped homes and businesses in Vestavia remain cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and their electrical systems working all year round. Our company is built on the trust bond we form with our customers. When you call on us you’ll discover how much that trust means.

Our HVAC technicians and electricians are trained and licensed so that you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the best work on every job you schedule with us. No matter if you’re looking for fast repairs for a faulty furnace in your home or you want to arrange for the installation of a new HVAC system for your business with custom ventilation, give us a call.

We are the HVAC company and electricians to call for all your heating, air conditioning, and electrical service needs in Vestavia, AL.

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We Serve the Entire City of Vestavia Hills

Vestavia Hills, AL Air Conditioning Services

You simply can’t get by during the year unless you have a solid and reliable air conditioning system in Vestavia Hills, AL installed in your home. Our technicians at Douglas Cooling & Heating can arrange for a replacement system or a new installation to make sure that your family has the comfort it needs when the summer weather arrives in Vestavia, AL. We also provide all other services to keep your air conditioner running, such as targeted repairs and routine maintenance. Call to learn more about what we can do to keep your house cool.

Heat Pump Services

If you live in a home with a heat pump taking care of its year-round heating and cooling needs, you can trust to our team to see that it works at its best. And if you would like to take advantage of the many benefits of a heat pump, simply contact our HVAC technicians and ask them about installing a unit for your home.

Heating Service in Vestavia, AL

There are many ways to heat a home, but there is only one way to correctly heat a home, and that is to call on professionals to handle it. Douglas Cooling & Heating is here to see to whatever heating service your household requires to remain comfortable through the winters. We install, replace, repair, and maintain a wide variety of heating systems, include gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, and even gas log fireplaces. You can trust us to see that your heater is working both safely and energy efficiently.

Fireplace Services

There are few home luxuries more wonderful than a convenient and beautiful natural gas fireplace. If you enjoy a fireplace in your house, you should make sure that you only call on professionals to take care of repairing and maintaining it. Our team is experienced with delivering excellent service for gas fireplaces, so make us the first place you call.

Vestavia, AL Indoor Air Quality Services

An unfortunate side-effect of the insulation and heat sealing on homes that makes them energy efficient is that they also trap air inside the house, where it soon begins to collect pollutants and turn stale. Douglas Cooling & Heating can help you combat a drop in your indoor air quality in Vestavia through our many different services. We install air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and other IAQ solutions. Our expertise also extends to services to test and repair leaky air ducts.

Energy Efficiency & Home Insulation

Our team can help see that your home traps heat during winter and keeps it out during the summer with our insulation services. We work with blown-in and spray-foam insulation, which offer a fast and effective way to shore up heat leaks in your house. In addition, we provide insulation for ductwork that will keep your HVAC system from losing or gaining excess heat.

Vestavia Hills, AL Electrician 

Electrical services in Vestavia Hills, AL are something that you never want to try in your home as a do-it-yourself project. This is work for a licensed electrician who is familiar with the electrical code in your area, and who will make sure that there is little danger of high voltage shocks or electrical fires. The electricians at Douglas Cooling & Heating can take care of any services you may need, from installing attic fans to replacing an old electrical panel. Speak to us today to find out what we can do for your home.

Ceiling Fan Services

A great way to reduce your air conditioning bills over the summer is to have ceiling fans installed. A ceiling fan moves air around a room to make it easier for your body to keep cool, and you won’t need to run the AC as often. Our electricians are available for new ceiling fan installation, as well as repair services.

Outdoor Lighting Services

Are you looking to give your house a new exterior look, but you don’t want to pay for a huge remodeling job? Are there areas outside the house that you wish you could use after dark? Would you like lighting to help increase home security? Or would you like to have new LED bulbs that use less electricity? We can handle all of these outdoor lighting jobs.

Whole-House Generators

A stormy winter season in Vestavia, AL can result in lengthy power losses for homes. To protect your family during these times (especially if there are household members who rely on powered medical equipment) you should consider the installation of a whole-house backup generator that will switch on to supply you with the necessary electricity. Douglas Cooling & Heating installs whole-house generators, and our technicians will see that you have the right type and size of unit. Our regular maintenance services and repairs will make sure that the generator is always ready to go to work.

Vestavia Hills, AL Plumber

Douglas Cooling & Heating is your trusted plumbing contractor for plumbing services in the Vestavia Hills, AL area. Whether you’ve found a plumbing leak, have no hot water in your home, or your basement has standing water, we handle it all. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency plumbing service. Contact us for any plumbing services your home needs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Pre-fabricated sheet metal for ventilation systems in homes and businesses can serve their purposes adequately. But custom designs can provide a level of effectiveness and energy efficiency that’s unmatched. Douglas Cooling & Heating operates a custom metal shop that produces sheet metal for whatever project you have in mind. We manufacture complete ventilation systems (for homes and businesses), kitchen hoods, roofing, chimney caps, bathroom vents, and much more. Call us to arrange for the sheet metal services in Vestavia that your house or commercial space requires.

Custom Ventilation Systems

If you want a residential or commercial HVAC system with the highest energy efficiency possible, you’ll want to contact us to arrange for custom-built ventilation. We’ll create ventilation that offers the least resistance to air movement possible and which will resist damage and wear and tear for years to come. Simply contact us today to find out what we can offer you.