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HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Services in Homewood, AL

Some jobs around the home are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, like repainting a bedroom or fixing a loose chair leg. But there are many tasks you shouldn’t take on by yourself, such as those that can cost you lots of money if completed incorrectly, as well as those that can risk your safety.

The heating and air conditioning equipment on your Homewood, AL property is complex, and improper service may result in more problems later on. And faulty electrical repairs or installations could become a safety hazard. That’s why it’s important to call in specialists for any HVAC or electrical installation, replacement, repair or maintenance service.

We are the HVAC company and electricians to call for all your heating, air conditioning, and electrical service needs in Homewood, AL.

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Professional Air Conditioning Services in Homewood

Your air conditioner has a number of complex components that all work together to achieve the right temperature. This means that if one component is not working properly, the entire system can encounter issues. That’s why you need professionals to look over your system before the cooling season begins. And you should always make sure that your only have highly experienced, licensed professionals working on your AC system, like the friendly folks at Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Heat Pumps Services

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system in one, and it is far more efficient than many other whole-home systems. This is because it moves heat around rather than generating it. You’ll save money on your heating bills and your cooling bills, as long as you choose a system with a high efficiency rating. Let us help you choose.

Home Heating Services 

Our heating specialists can show up quickly when your furnace or heat pump is no longer keeping you comfortable. They also offer maintenance services so that you can feel sure that your heating system is operating safely before the heating season even begins. Call our heating specialists for prompt service and fair pricing. Or give us a call if you need help selecting a new system for a new home or a replacement furnace or heat pump.

Fireplace Services

If you try to use your fireplace and smoke moves into your home, do not continue to try to operate it. Call a professional right away for this problem or any other that may pose a threat to your home. We repair fireplaces and we also offer maintenance services so that you feel safer using your fireplace when it’s convenient for you.

Indoor Air Quality Products & Services

Your indoor air quality may not be up to your standards, but what can you do when you have to keep the windows and doors shut to stay comfortable? Our experts can offer you an indoor air quality system that helps you find relief from asthma and allergy symptoms. We’ve got air filters and air purifiers that lower the levels of contaminants moving through your air. We can also help your air conditioning and heating systems to operate more efficiently with duct services and insulation services.

Insulation & Energy Efficiency

A layer of insulation helps to keep heat in or prevent heat from moving out of a space. So with the right levels of insulation in your home, you get less heat escaping in the winter and less heat moving in during the summer. We are happy to check on your insulation levels and add more insulation wherever it is necessary for maximum AC and heating efficiency.

Licensed Electricians in Homewood, Alabama

When you call our team for electrical installation or maintenance services, you are in touch with some of the finest electricians in the Homewood, AL area. We can handle any electrical needs you may have, from installing your ceiling fans to rewiring your entire home. Do not attempt to complete such work on your own, as you don’t want to risk an electrical fire or electrical shock. We have the right certifications, plenty of experience, and a history of providing excellent service.

Ceiling Fan Services 

In Homewood, homeowners benefit from ceiling fans throughout the year. Ceiling fans are useful for circulating air on a warm day, helping you to feel cooler as the air moves over you. And they also circulate warm air in the winter, pushing heat into the living space to make you more comfortable. Call us for ceiling fan services to see that yours are always working correctly.

Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting can help to keep you and your home safe, scaring off would-be intruders who are wary of entering a well-lit area. Set up your outdoor lighting in a way that is visually appealing as well by working with our lighting experts. We can help you with outdoor lighting design and installation, and we can set up your indoor lighting too.

Whole-House Generators

Many homeowners in Homewood, AL have had to deal with the hassle of a sudden power failure. This often happens during a period of bad weather, and it forces you to find somewhere else to stay or to struggle to stay comfortable in a home without any heating or AC. Get a whole-house generator from our experts and you won’t have to deal with this hassle again. It turns on automatically when your power goes out, using natural gas to run.

Homewood, AL Plumber

Douglas Cooling & Heating is your trusted plumbing contractor for plumbing services in the Homewood, AL area. Whether you’ve found a plumbing leak, have no hot water in your home, or your basement has standing water, we handle it all. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency plumbing service. Contact us for any plumbing services your home needs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We manufacture the hidden parts of your home that help everything to run smoothly. This includes your ventilation system, which delivers air to the rooms of your home. We also design dryer vents, fireplace liners, chimney caps, flashing, round roof vents, water heater vents, kitchen hood vents and many other components that make your home safe and your life more convenient. You can find out more about our sheet metal fabrication services by calling our friendly office staff right now.

Custom Ventilation Systems

Your ventilation system delivers air to your home, which means it’s a vital part of your home heating and cooling system. So if your ventilation system is not a custom fit for your home, the AC or heater may run into some problems. Get a custom ventilation system from the people at Douglas Cooling & Heating and you won’t have to worry about this issue.