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Service Areas

HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Services in Jefferson County, AL

Jefferson County enjoys a wide range of temperatures during the year, with hot summers and cool-to-chilly winters. Your home or business must have an HVAC system capable of handling those seasons, as well as expert technicians to take care of it.

You only need to call Douglas Cooling & Heating to find the right people to see to all your comfort needs-as well as your electrical ones. We’ve served the area since 1972 and have a staff of trained and fully-licensed HVAC and electrical technicians. No job is too large or too small for us, from complete new air conditioning installation to speedy electrical repairs.

We are the HVAC company and electricians to call for all your heating, air conditioning, and electrical service needs in Jefferson County, AL.

 Air Conditioning Services in Jefferson County

When the outdoor thermometer starts to rise into the red during a summer in Jefferson County, AL, air conditioning systems will begin putting in extra work to keep homes comfortable. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating if you don’t think that your AC will be able to handle the stress, or if you want to have a new system installed for your home. If you’re looking for AC repair in Jefferson County, we’ve got you covered! Our technicians work with all brands of central air conditioners, and we also offer services for heat pumps and ductless air conditioning systems.

Heat Pump Services

A popular choice for year-round comfort in homes in the area is the heat pump. A heat pump operates in the same fashion as a standalone air conditioner, except that it can switch the direction it moves refrigerant so that it can also operate as a heater. You can rely on us for complete service for heat pumps, from new installations to routine maintenance visits.

Residential Heating Services

We may not experience harsh winters in Jefferson County, but when the temperatures dip down into the 40s, you’ll appreciate that reliable heater set up in your home. If you don’t have a reliable heater, or it’s time to repair or maintain your current one, let Douglas Cooling & Heating handle the work to fix the problem. We have the experience to make sure that your family enjoys warm temperatures throughout the winter. Call today to find out about the wide extent of the heating services we provide.

Fireplace Services?

Fireplaces bring a special touch of style and coziness to a home that standard central heaters don’t. If you have a gas fireplace adding ambience to your household, you should make sure that you only trust professionals to repair and maintain it. It only takes a call to our gas fireplace technicians to have any of your worries taken care of.

Jefferson County Indoor Air Quality Services

The air moving through your home is filled with millions of particles, and not all of them are good for the people in the household to breath. If your home is suffering from an excess of pollutants or imbalanced humidity, you can look to Douglas Cooling & Heating for solutions. We provide homes (as well as businesses) in Jefferson County, AL with installation and other services for air purifiers, air filtration systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, energy recovery ventilators, and more. We also handle duct testing and repairs.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency Services

A home must have an effective amount of insulation in the walls and attic to prevent energy loss. During the summer, insulation keeps the heat outside, easing the pressure on the AC. During the winter, insulation keeps the heat trapped inside, making the heater’s job easier. Our technicians offer blown-in insulation, spray-foam insulation, and special insulation for ducts. We’ll help make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Certified Local Electrician in Jefferson County

You must never rely on amateur or DIY work when it comes to your electrical system. Only a licensed electrician who understands the local electrical code should be allowed to take care of installations and repairs. Douglas Cooling & Heating has the electricians you need in Jefferson County for any job. We include such services as attic fan installation, replacing old electrical panels, complete electrical rewiring, and upgrades from old outlets to new GFCI and AFCI ones. Simply call us with whatever electrical work you need.

Ceiling Fan Services

It’s amazing the difference that a ceiling fan can make when it comes to increasing household comfort during the summer. With a properly installed set of fans, you’ll enjoy a much cooler feeling in your home, leading to less strain on your air conditioner. Make sure that you only look to professional electricians to install and service your home’s ceiling fans.

Outdoor Lighting Services

Professional electricians experienced with lighting can help redesign outdoor lighting to give a home a whole new appearance. Outdoor lighting has other uses as well, such as increasing security and extending the time you can use outside recreational areas. Our electricians offer many different outdoor lighting services, including upgrades to energy-saving LED lights.

Whole Home Generator Services

During the storm season in Jefferson County, AL, your home might lose electrical power for hours, or even days. This is not only a major inconvenience; it can be life-threatening if there are people in your household who depend on powered medical equipment. The best insurance you can have against this is to call Douglas Cooling & Heating and arrange for us to install a whole-house backup generator. Our team will find the right unit to match your needs, and we’ll always be there to assist with necessary repairs and routine maintenance.

Jefferson County, AL Plumber

Douglas Cooling & Heating is your trusted plumbing contractor for plumbing services in the Jefferson County, AL area. Whether you’ve found a plumbing leak, have no hot water in your home, or your basement has standing water, we handle it all. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency plumbing service. Contact us for any plumbing services your home needs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Douglas Cooling & Heating, we go to the next level when it comes to providing custom services to match homes and businesses. We operate a custom metal shop that offers affordable designs for almost every use. We can create complete ductwork and ventilation systems, design chimney caps, roofing, kitchen hoods, cupolas, and almost anything else your home or commercial space might require. You’ll be amazed at the difference that custom sheet metal designs can make for a project-so make us your first choice in Jefferson County, AL for your next project.

We Design Custom Ventilation Systems

A large part of our custom sheet metal fabrication work is creating ventilation systems. If you’re looking for ductwork for an HVAC system, dryer vents, bathroom vents, kitchen hoods, fresh air vents, or any other type of metal ventilation system for residential or commercial purposes, we’re the best people to call in the area. Our designers can fashion whatever you need.