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If Your Heat Pump is Doing This, Replace It

heat-pump-technicianWith the hot summer sun beating down on the land, now is probably about the worst possible time for your heat pump to break down on you. If your heat pump isn’t up to the task of keeping your home cool and comfortable over the remaining summer months, you should probably replace it now. You also might want to replace your heat pump if it’s not efficiently cooling your home, even if it may not yet be in any danger of breaking down permanently. Have a look below for more info on when to replace your heat pump.

Unusually High Monthly Bills

Your bills are going to rise and fall with how much you use your heat pump, obviously. There’s a difference between that and bills that seem to be rising quickly for no apparent reason, though. If your heat pump is costing more and more to operate on a monthly basis, even if you aren’t using it often enough to justify the added expense, then it might be time to replace the system. As the heat pump wears down, it will start to lose efficiency due to the years of wear and tear. Make sure that you have a professional examine the system as soon as possible if you notice this problem.

Constant Repair Issues

It’s not unusual to have to repair your heat pump every few years or so. However, you should be concerned if you need to repair your heat pump multiple times a year.  A system that needs to be repaired that often is very likely near the end of its life. The buildup of wear and tear on the system is causing parts to fail in groups. You can keep your system up and running if you want to, but you’ll be spending a lot more money replacing it one part at a time than replacing the entire system at once.

It’s Older than 15 Years

Under normal circumstances, you can expect to get around 10-15 years of service out of your heat pump if you take proper care of it. Once the system ages beyond that point, it will begin to become less and less cost-effective. Oftentimes, the decline in cost efficiency is due to problems like those listed above. If your heat pump is older than 15 years, you might want to consult with a professional technician about whether or not it’s a good idea to replace it. You might be able to keep the system up and running for another few years. Just like the previous point, though, you’ll probably save much more money in the long run by installing an entirely new system. Better to just install a replacement heat pump, especially when you have many more days of sweltering hot weather to deal with before the summer ends.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers comprehensive heat pump replacement services throughout Vestavia, AL. If you need a new heat pump system that can keep you cool, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert heat pump technicians.

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