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Why Your AC Is Leaking

While there are air conditioners that use water to cool the air in your home (these are known as evaporative coolers) this isn’t the standard method used by most systems. And we really don’t see many evaporative coolers in Alabama. Most air conditioners use refrigerant to transfer heat out of the air in your home. So if your system uses refrigerant in a closed-loop system, then why are you seeing signs that it is leaking?

A leaking air conditioner is never a good thing. In fact, it is an immediate sign that you need to reach out for AC repair in Mountain Brook, AL. Let’s look at some of the main causes behind a leaking air conditioner so you understand why prompt professional repairs are a must.

The evaporator coil has ice on it.

Over time, your evaporator coil may begin to collect a layer of ice on itself. This can be caused by a lack of air getting into your AC or even a problem with hot air escaping from your condenser unit. Whatever the root cause, that layer of ice is the result. When the system shuts off of course, that ice may start to melt, giving the impression that your system is leaking fluid. If the leak is caused by that icy build-up, your best option is to leave the system off to let things thaw out and calling for repairs ASAP.

The refrigerant line is leaking

Your refrigerant goes through two states when it is circulating through your system: fluid and gas. When the refrigerant is in a liquid state, it may be able to leak out of your AC unit and create a noticeable puddle. This is bad for your AC in multiple ways. Make sure to take note of any puddles around your condenser unit as they may indicate you have a refrigerant line leak.

The condensate line is clogged.

As your air conditioner does its job, it will end up pulling some moisture from the air as well as heat. This moisture collects and drips down into a condensate pan and is then drained away via a condensate line. However, over time dust and dirt can join with that moisture and form a clog in your drain, leading to a collection and overflow of that condensation. This can cause your system to shut off early and can also lead to a leak with a somewhat unpleasant smell.

Our Team Can Fix Your AC Problem

A leaking air conditioner is just one issue that the system may encounter over the course of its lifespan. With all the things that can go wrong with your AC, it pays to work with a team that has experience handling all of it. That is exactly what you will find when you come to Douglas Cooling & Heating for your comfort system needs. From leaks to strange noises and beyond, our technicians are trained and ready to get your AC unit back on track.

Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule an appointment for repairs ASAP. Your experience is what matters most!

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