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Why You Should Consider Installing a Surge Protector

You are enjoying a nice night in with your family and watching a movie when the wind decides to kick up something awful. So it comes as more of an annoyance than a surprise when a tree takes down a power line later on in the evening, leaving your house dark without electricity.

Your first focus is of course to get the lights back on but what about after that? Are you going to check on your major home appliances? You certainly should because a power outage can create a power surge which can lead to some serious damage to your air conditioner, heater, and other home appliances. And that is a problem that is preventable.

What is a Power Surge?

Power surges can happen in just about any home. A power surge occurs when a flow of electricity is interrupted and started again. You have small surges in your house throughout the day when you turn on and use different appliances such as a hairdryer or plugging in your phone. As you can probably guess there is a risk of a large power surge after a full-on power outage.

Why is a Power Surge a Bad Thing?

It can be strange to think of a flow of power into your home as problematic. But too much of a good thing can be bad as we know. This applies to electricity as much as the food we eat. If there is a sudden interruption in your electricity due to an outage and then the power is restored there is a chance of a power surge that can impact your home more severely than you might think. This can end up leading to issues as small as burnt outlets or as big as damage to your HVAC system. An outlet is a small thing to replace but an air conditioner is not thankfully there is a way to protect your larger home systems in the event of a power surge.

The Importance of Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are meant to help the major appliances in your home. We are not talking about the items that you plug into an outlet to create more plugs to access. We are actually discussing surge protectors that are installed as a part of your electrical system specifically in your electrical panel. These surge protectors are going to detect a power surge and reroute the excess electricity before it can do any damage to your home’s appliances. The small investment can end up saving you thousands down the road.

Because a surge protector is installed as a part of your home’s electrical system it does need to be set up by a professional electrician in Alabaster, AL. Only a professional is going to be able to install a surge protector so that it provides protection to your entire home the way it should. If you are curious about whether a surge protector is necessary for your home or you are looking for a team to install one we are here to help.

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