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5 Signs Your Fireplace Needs Some Assistance

We know that using your fireplace may not be the first thing on your mind lately. You have probably turned your attention more towards making sure that your air conditioner is ready to provide cool air. This is a great choice but we’d suggest giving your fireplace a little attention too.

Much like your heater after a long season of use, your fireplace may be feeling the wear and tear that it has accumulated after several months of regular performance. Yes, your fireplace is built to be used. But, like a car, your system needs some upkeep to allow it to continue doing what it does effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Does Your Fireplace Need Service? These 5 Signs Say, “Yes!”

We realize that your fireplace may not have the same amount of use as your regular heater. This can make it somewhat tougher to figure out if it needs fireplace service in Hoover, AL. You may want to run your fireplace for a little while on a colder night to see how it is operating to determine if you notice any of the following signs:

  1. Smoke in the home during use: When you turn on your fireplace, gas, and smoke should exit your home through the chimney. If these chemicals enter the room instead, you have a problem that requires prompt repairs before you use your fireplace again.
  2. The smell of gas: If you have a gas fireplace that is emitting the smell of gas when it isn’t in use then you may need repairs. This could indicate combustion issues or even a leak in the gas line. This can become dangerous so make sure to address it quickly.
  3. White stains around the fireplace: White stains around the fireplace are an indicator that moisture has begun to permeant the brickwork. This is problematic for multiple reasons and should prompt you to schedule repairs quickly before the structure of you’re fireplace is compromised.
  4. Cracks in the mortar: Another problem you may notice is cracks within the mortar of your fireplace. While this may give your home a vintage look, it is actually a problem that can cause backdrafts and other issues. Make sure to have a professional resolve this issue as fireplace mortar is a special substance.
  5. Damper trouble: Take a moment to see how well your damper operates. Are you having trouble opening it or closing it? Do you notice rust on it or perhaps some of those white stains? If so, it is worthwhile to have it checked by a technician as it may need repairs.

Investing in the wellbeing of your fireplace now is going to pay off in the long run. In many cases, repairing issues to the fireplace can prevent backdrafts that would compromise your comfort during the summer and fall. What’s more, if you encounter some chilly nights in the coming weeks that don’t quite warrant the use of your heater, you can still use your fireplace to get a little cozier.

For all your fireplace repairs and other services, contact Douglas Cooling & Heating. Your experience is what matters most!


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