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Top 3 Signs Your Lake House HVAC System Needs Maintenance

Spring is here, and summer is soon to follow, which means it’s time get your lakehouse ready. When you are opening up your lake house this year, consider doing more than just opening some windows and vacuuming. Your HVAC system needs some attention by scheduling lakehouse air conditioning maintenance from the experts at Douglas Cooling & Heating. Our technicians are experienced and will get your unit running smoothly. If you are unsure if maintenance is necessary, consider the following three signs when running your air conditioner.

Sign #1: What Do You Hear?

An air conditioning system should be quiet and if your unit is making strange or loud noises, it’s time to schedule lakehouse air conditioning maintenance. Loud or unexpected noises are a warning sign something is wrong and maintenance is your best way to diagnose the problem before it escalates into something bigger. Noises from your air conditioner can mean any number of things. Debris, such as leaves, twigs, trash and rodent nests, can get lodged in the blower motor. Simple maintenance will clean your unit of the debris and your system will be ready for hot weather in no time.

If the problem is more serious, such as a condenser close to breaking or a bad compressor belt, lake house air conditioning maintenance will diagnose the problem so the appropriate measures can be taken to fix the damaged component quickly. A typical noise from your air conditioner is the blower or fan circulating while the air conditioner is running. Banging or rattling indicates a serious problem, so schedule maintenance immediately with Douglas Cooling & Heating to reduce the chance of breakdown.

Sign #2: What Do You Smell?

A healthy air conditioning system won’t produce a smell when operating. If you start your air conditioner up and you instantly smell a mildew odor, schedule lake house air conditioning maintenance. A mildew or moldy smell indicates mold might be growing somewhere inside your air conditioning system. You won’t know if the mold growth is in your actual unit or the ductwork until a Douglas Cooling & Heating professional inspects your air conditioner. Mold in your system can cause damage to your lake house and reduces your indoor air quality. Anyone in your family or visiting your lake house with allergies, asthma or respiratory issues will be greatly affected by the mold in your system.

Sign #3: What Do You Feel?

The most obvious sign there is a problem with your air conditioning system is when it blows warm or hot air. A healthy air conditioner will provide cool, crisp air throughout your lake house and if you aren’t getting it, schedule lake house air conditioning maintenance. Your air conditioner might blow cool air less cool than the last time it was used.

The issue might be simple, such as recharging the refrigerant level in the air conditioner.  However, the best way ensure proper operation of your unit is to call Douglas Cooling & Heating. Our friendly and skilled NATE-certified technicians will inspect your system during maintenance and diagnose whatever is causing the problem with your unit preventing it from producing cold air.

Schedule your lake house air conditioning maintenance early and catch problems early! Our technicians will get your unit performing efficiently so you can seek shelter indoors from the summer heat. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today!

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