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Improve Dad’s Air Conditioning

Technological advancements are common in almost every aspect of modern life, including your HVAC thermostat. Consider giving a new Wi-Fi thermostat to your dad this Father’s Day. Whether he loves electronics or not, he will love saving money whenever he heats or cools his home. Check out the benefits a Wi-Fi thermostat has to offer to your father this June.

Need a Father’s Day Gift Idea? Try a User-Friendly Wi-Fi Thermostat

Older analog thermostats are a thing of the past, which means it’s time to embrace the future of programmable Wi-Fi thermostats. With multiple programming options, your father can adjust his Wi-Fi thermostat settings based on when he is home, asleep, away and on vacation. They offer many advantages for your father or any other man in your life:

  • Remote Access at Your Fingertips: Your dad will love how easy it is to monitor and adjust his heating and cooling system from anywhere at any time. Wi-Fi thermostats stay connected to your father’s HVAC system with remote access via an internet connection. Some Wi-Fi thermostats offer a mobile application, which can be utilized through any tablet or smartphone. Having access to his heating and cooling system 24/7 gives your father peace of mind and added convenience when he is away from home.
  • Increased Efficiency: Your father will experience improved efficiency with his air conditioning system with the use of a Wi-Fi thermostat. Monitoring and adjusting the thermostat allows his HVAC system to operate less frequently. He can change the settings when he is at work or on vacation so his air conditioning system doesn’t operate as often since no one is at home to enjoy the cool temperatures. A Wi-Fi thermostat still allows him to program settings, which fit his schedule and some advanced models will email him energy reports. The energy reports are customized based on his unit’s performance and include suggestions for ways to save energy on future bills.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Wi-Fi programmable thermostats utilize different designs and styles and all of them are user-friendly, which will make your father happy he doesn’t have to learn some confusing system. The displays are brightly lit with easy to read numbers for temperature settings. With how easy a Wi-Fi thermostat is to use, there is less chance for human error in the future.
  • Zoning Possibilities: Some Wi-Fi thermostats are capable of zoning abilities. This offers greater flexibility for your father’s air conditioning and heating system year-round. Each zone can be programmed for a specific temperature, which doesn’t affect other areas of your father’s home. With zoning capabilities, your father can enjoy different, energy-saving temperatures throughout his house.
  • Extended Lifespan: Another money-saving benefit with a Wi-Fi thermostat is helpful maintenance reminders. Not everyone thinks to replace their air filter or schedule routine maintenance when their air conditioner needs it. Your father will appreciate filter replacement and maintenance reminders with his new Wi-Fi thermostat. Another notification a Wi-Fi thermostat delivers is when your father’s air conditioner needs HVAC repair service. The thermostat helps keep your father’s heating and air conditioning unit operating smoothly, which keeps it healthy for years to come.

Your father deserves a gift, which is innovative and will help him in the future. A Wi-Fi thermostat offers user-friendly, remote access to help him save money every month on his energy bill. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today and show your father how much you love him by giving him access to his indoor comfort from anywhere.

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