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Call for Air Conditioner Service Before Summer

July 4th and Juneteenth are right around the corner this summer, which means parties, guests, and cookouts are on the horizon. Make sure your home is ready for the busy activities ahead by scheduling air conditioner service. Your guests will appreciate how cool and comfortable your home is when they seek shelter from the rising temperatures outside.

Douglas Cooling & Heating wants you to avoid emergency HVAC repairs, which means your cooling system needs to be in tiptop shape at the beginning of summer. Our technicians are best in the industry and NATE-certified. We will keep your parties going long into the summer with quality air conditioner service done right the first time!  

Can Your Air Conditioning Keep Up with the Alabama Heat and summer Parties?

Schedule routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system at least twice a year to prevent unexpected breakdowns in the future. Better still, invest in an air conditioner service plan, which offers convenience and hassle-free scheduling. Douglas Cooling & Heating offers different service plans to meet budgets with discounts available for each plan.

Air conditioner service offers many advantages besides keeping your unit operating smoothly during the summer months. Other benefits include:

  • A More Energy-Efficient Unit:

Over time, your air conditioning system suffers from wear and tear on its components. Some wear and tear is normal, and a system not maintained will experience more stress and operate harder to cool a home. Routine air conditioner service reduces grime, dust, and other particulates from accumulating inside the unit. When a system is kept clean, it will operate easier due to enhanced airflow. A more energy-efficient unit is just the icing on the cake for why air conditioner service is essential for your party-planning.

  • Prevents Emergency HVAC Repairs:

A well-maintained air conditioning unit experiences less stress on the interior components, which means wear and tear is kept low. When a unit is properly cared for, it experiences more stress by working harder to keep your home cool. The added stress causes excessive wear and tear on your air conditioning components, which eventually break and force you to call for emergency HVAC repair service. You will love the money you save on expensive repairs when you are in the midst of family vacations or other summer fun.

  • Extends the Lifespan of Your System:

Your air conditioning system is designed to operate between 10 to 15 years, while no expiration date is guaranteed. Units don’t usually last past 10 years without regular air conditioner service. If you take care of your cooling system and schedule semi-annual maintenance, it can last close to the 15-year mark. The cost of an air conditioner service call is chump-change compared to the expense of a brand-new cooling system. Get the most out of your current unit and extend its lifespan before it’s too late.

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality:

Not only will you enjoy cooler temperatures in your home after air conditioner service, your indoor air quality will be healthier. Excess debris is eliminated inside your unit, and the air filter is replaced so you can experience healthy airflow throughout your home. The air filter traps and kills particulates, which cause increased asthma and allergy issues. Live healthier and breathe easier this summer with air conditioner service from Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Prepare for your Fourth of July festivities by scheduling air conditioning service! Your guests will appreciate your cool home after soaking up the sun. Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating to find a NATE-certified technician and schedule air conditioner service before the rush.

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