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5 Reasons Why Mini Splits Are Mini Wonders


Mini split is another term for what is also called a ductless system, and it is a spectacular alternative to the ducted HVAC systems you’re probably more familiar with. What is it that makes a mini split so spectacular? We’re so glad you asked! Here are five reasons to be amazed by ductless mini splits.

1: There’s No Need for Ducts

Some older homes have never had ductwork, which only became the standard in new construction about fifty years ago. For these folks, window units for air conditioning might seem like the only option other than the time and expense of having bulky ducts retrofitted into their home. But a mini split can provide the effect of a central system with no need for ductwork!

In homes that do have ductwork, it’s shocking how much of it, on average, is damaged and leaky. This means that you’re paying extra in energy for your heating and cooling, which is awful. You could go through the process of having it repaired or replaced, but you could eliminate the need for ducts altogether with a mini split instead.

2: They’re Versatile for Specific Needs

Maybe you’ve had a ducted system that works just fine for you, or maybe you’ve already got a ductless mini split. But now your home’s needs have changed, and your current system can’t keep up. Maybe you’ve built an addition. Maybe you’ve enclosed an attic or garage as an in-law apartment. How will you keep that heated and cooled? A small mini split system is the ideal answer.

3: They Can Both Heat and Cool

Your ductless mini split is an approach to home comfort that can be used with a heat pump, a system that uses refrigerant just like an air conditioner. But unlike an AC unit, the heat pump’s refrigerant can flow in either direction, carrying heat out or carrying heat in! This works effectively to provide all the heat that’s needed in climates where temperatures rarely drop below freezing.

4: Zone Control Provides Ideal Comfort

Central heat or AC is great at keeping your whole home at a consistent temperature. But what if you prefer a different temperature from someone else in your family? Or what if you’re alone in your home all day, and you don’t need the whole house to be perfectly heated or cooled? Ductless systems have individual thermostats for each separate air handler, so you can set the temperature zone by zone.

5: They’re Remarkably Efficient

There are three things that make ductless mini splits the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. First, you’ll eliminate loss from ducts. Second, a heat pump’s efficiency at heating is unmatched, because it doesn’t go through the energy-intensive process of generating heat, it only transfers it from place to place. And third, zone control prevents you from using heating or cooling you don’t want or need.

If you’d like to know more about how this remarkable system could work for your home, we’d love to talk with you about ductless mini splits in Pelham, AL.

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