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4 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning


Have you ever had your home’s drains professionally cleaned? Have you ever considered it? Professional drain cleaning may be the most underappreciated home service, with a wide array of benefits, and you don’t want to miss out. What are the benefits of professional drain cleaning? We’re so glad you asked! We’ll tell you all about it. When you’re ready to schedule drain cleaning in Jefferson County, AL, we’re ready to help you out!

1: Quick Flow

Do you have slow drains? It’s a hassle waiting for the water to drain away, and it can leave behind scummy film on your sink or tub. This usually happens because of gradual buildup within the pipes, causing them to be narrower or to have partial blockages. Professional drain cleaning can get everything moving quickly again so you won’t have to wait, and you won’t have to worry that a partial blockage will totally clog.

2: Long-Lasting Clog Removal

Often, when home tools like a plunger, plastic sink snake, or hand-cranked drain auger are used to deal with drain clogs, the fix is temporary. Because only the worst of the clog has been addressed, it quickly builds back up to another complete clog, and another evening spent with the plunger, snake, and auger, heaving heavy sighs of frustration. Professional drain cleaning is more thorough and the results are lasting.

3: Avoid Chemical Complications

Sometimes, when the tools mentioned above don’t get the job done well enough, homeowners reach for a bottle of liquid drain cleaner. These chemicals are extremely caustic, with a pH similar to that of lye. This means they can cause severe chemical burns if they come into contact with your skin, and the fumes will irritate your eyes and respiratory passages.

But these toxic concoctions are also bad for your plumbing! They’re so caustic that they will burn the insides of your pipes. This leaves a rough surface behind. And since most drain clogs are caused by the slow buildup of substances like fats or soap scum layering onto the inside of pipes, the rough surface speeds that process along, allowing more substances to cling! Your clog will be back faster than ever.

4: Get a Clear View

One of the marvels of modern plumbing is a technique called video pipe inspection. It’s just like a spy movie: a technician inserts a long line with a tiny camera down a small hole and finds out everything that’s been going on in secret and out of sight. But in this case, the secrets are your home’s plumbing problems.

Once your pipes have been cleaned by a professional, any problems that do exist will be laid bare. With video pipe inspection, your plumber can get a clear view of anything that you should be aware of. This could include what materials your pipes are made of, what condition they’re in, where tiny leaks are starting to occur, and more.

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