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Do This Before You First Turn On Your AC This Spring

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When the time comes to turn on your air conditioner for the first hot weather of the season, you want to know for sure that it will work, and work well. You also want it to work efficiently, so you won’t be surprised by a sky-high electric bill. And you’d like to avoid needing any AC repairs this summer, wouldn’t you?

We’ll tell you exactly what to do to make sure your summer is as cool and comfortable as possible, without alarming utility bills or air conditioner breakdowns. What’s the most important thing to do before you first turn on your AC this spring? Have maintenance done by a qualified professional! Here’s why.


You’ll want good airflow, so your air conditioner’s cycles won’t shut down too early, and so that the cool air will be evenly distributed throughout your home. And you’ll want to make sure that if any minor issues would interfere with your air conditioner’s performance, they get sorted out before they cause you any problems. AC maintenance will accomplish all that for you.


Good air circulation and reduced friction thanks to a thorough cleaning and lubrication will also prevent the air conditioner from using excess energy. When dust and clogs or grime on moving parts reduce airflow and increase friction, the air conditioner has to work harder and run more of the time just to do the same amount of cooling. This means using more electricity and costing you more money.

Reduced Likelihood of Repair Needs

If your air conditioner is working harder and running more, it will be dealing with more wear and tear and more strain on various components. And if a technician hasn’t inspected it thoroughly, small things could already be slightly wrong. This means it’s much more likely that you’ll need AC repair in Shelby County, AL this summer! Or you could get maintenance done, and your risk of needing repairs will be cut by 85%.

Extended Lifetime for Your Air Conditioner

Continued wear and tear and system strain are what will eventually cause your air conditioner to completely fail. This will take ten or twelve years, possibly a bit more, if you have maintenance done every year to reduce that wear and tear. But if you never get AC maintenance, that strain can accumulate twice as quickly, possibly causing your air conditioner to die in as little as 6-8 years.

Warranty Compliance

Your air conditioner’s warranty could help pay for replacement parts or repairs in certain circumstances. But most warranty agreements have a maintenance clause. If you don’t have maintenance done by a qualified technician each year, your warranty will be voided. The manufacturer will not cover the cost of any failed parts or problems.

Have we convinced you that AC maintenance is a critical step on your springtime to-do list? Schedule your appointment now!

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