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The Importance of AC Maintenance in Summer 2024

Image from the National Weather Service

On this blog, we’ve talked in general about air conditioning maintenance a lot. We’ve explained some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you schedule AC maintenance each year. And this basic information is very important. However, you might not understand just why it’s so critical to get your AC maintenance done. Benefits are great, but would lack of maintenance really be a disaster?

During this coming summer, having an air conditioner that’s not in tip-top condition really could lead to disaster. In 2024, it’s predicted that we will get weather that will truly challenge your AC system. Let’s go over this predicted weather pattern for 2024 and why it’s essential to schedule AC maintenance as soon as possible.

Alabama’s Climate

Alabama is always in the top ten hottest states in the US, so our need for air conditioning has always been high. It’s not just a matter of comfort when we spend long stretches of time at such high temperatures. Lack of air conditioning can have serious health repercussions, especially for the elderly, very young, or people with chronic health conditions.

Recent years have not been any cooler, and there’s been an increase in annual rainfall. This means increasing humidity as well. While some of our nearest neighbors, Louisiana and Mississippi, have humidity rates in the top five for the country, our state has ranked #12. But that’s still very humid, and our humidity is rising.

How Humidity Affects Your Air Conditioner

Your body cools itself by coating your skin with moisture: perspiration. As this moisture evaporates, it carries some of your body heat away with it. But when the air is already heavily saturated with moisture, it can’t carry away your perspiration or your body heat. The same temperature feels hotter at higher humidity levels, so you’ll run your air conditioner more, adding to the strain it experiences.

Weather Outlook for the Summer of 2024

NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, has made some predictions about this coming summer that make air conditioning maintenance seem even more important. In particular, very high temperatures are forecast during the month of May. We might even break some heat records. You certainly don’t want to face that with a struggling air conditioner!

Avoiding AC Breakdowns

During record-high temperatures, an air conditioner breaking down could be very unpleasant or even hazardous to your well-being. The amazing thing about AC maintenance is that it cuts down dramatically on the likelihood that you’ll require any AC repairs at all this summer. A recently maintained AC unit is ready to face the wear and tear of months of hot weather. 

How to Prioritize Maintenance

There are two things that can help ensure that you’ll get the maintenance you need in time for the summer. The first is to schedule it well in advance! If you haven’t made an appointment yet, do that right now. The other way is to join a maintenance program in Birmingham, AL such as the Douglas Cares program. We’ll do the work of remembering that you need maintenance, and we’ll remind you to schedule it every year.

“Your experience is what matters most!” Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating today for help with all your AC maintenance and repair needs.

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