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Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration Systems


The water in your home might be more important than you realize. If you’ve been dissatisfied with or even just uncertain about your water, you might have wondered what options there are for filtration. And if you just haven’t thought much about your home’s water quality, you might want to spend a moment reflecting on it.

Certain types of water filters, such as those attached to a single faucet or the pitcher-type filters you have to pour water into, are great for filtering the water you drink. Whole house water filtration systems improve the quality of all the water that passes through your home, and there are many benefits to that.

Health Benefits

Drinking cleaner water reduces your risk of waterborne illnesses that can be caused by bacteria, amoebas, and other unpleasant microscopic organisms. It will also cut down on your consumption of inorganic compounds and other chemicals. Some of these, like heavy metals, can’t be filtered out by your body, so you’ll never be rid of them once you consume them.

One of the greatest benefits of drinking a lot of water is that it flushes many existing toxins out of your system. However, if your water is full of other toxins, you’re missing out on that health benefit. Make sure your water is able to do this critical job!

Skin and Hair

Many contaminants and minerals in water cause problems with skin and hair. They can create dry and patchy skin, or worsen existing skin conditions. They can cause hair to be dry and brittle, or limp and listless. Because many minerals interfere with soap’s ability to suds up, your shampoo will be able to work much more effectively with filtered water.

Taste and Smell

You’re more likely to drink more water, and receive all the benefits of being well-hydrated such as clearer skin and better digestion, if your water tastes and smells clean. Unpleasant odors or flavors are not something you should just put up with. Filtration can make your water delicious and keep it at an ideal pH level.

Plumbing Benefits

Filtered water is better for your pipes, too! It can help your plumbing stay in better condition for longer. The minerals and contaminants in your water can build up inside the pipes, making them narrower and narrower and making clogs happen more easily. And because of the property of certain minerals that prevents soap from sudsing, water high in those minerals leads to greater quantities of soap scum buildup as well.

Cleaner Dishes and Laundry

That undissolved soap causes problems for more than just your poorly shampooed hair and your soap-scum-clogged pipes. Your dishes and laundry are not getting as clean as they should, and they’re accumulating soap residue. Filtered water can make it so everything will get sparkling clean more easily with less detergent.

If you’re curious about the different possibilities for water filtration in Pelham, AL, we’d love to discuss your water quality and the various types of filters with you.

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