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Are You Ready for Your AC Installation Appointment?


It’s an excellent plan to have your new air conditioner installed before the heat really hits! After all, the average daily high temperature in our area in July and August is 92 degrees. Now that you’ve chosen your new AC system and made an appointment to have it installed, you’re all set, right? Well, you might need a little more information.

Before the date of your appointment arrives, you’ll want to know exactly what to expect. What will the installers have to do? How long will the AC installation take? Is there anything you can do to make sure it goes well? We’ve got the answers.

The AC Installation Process

Before any work actually begins, your installers will assess the situation, clear the space to work, and take steps to protect your home from any mess or damage, such as laying down drop cloths. They’ll communicate clearly with you, so you’ll know exactly what their plan of action is. Then the old AC units, indoors and out, need to be disconnected and removed from their positions.

Now it’s finally time for the new air conditioner to be installed! Both indoor and outdoor units will be put into place and connected. To make sure they’re working perfectly, they’ll be allowed to run for a bit once they’re connected. This will give your installers time to show you how to use your new system and provide you with an owner’s manual, as well as to answer any questions you might have.

AC Installation Timeline

Some situations will require more than a single day of work, but that’s only if significant preparations need to be made before the actual installation can occur. This would be the case if you’ve never had ductwork installed, for example, or if your existing ductwork is too badly damaged to continue to use.

In a simpler situation, when you’re just having a central air conditioner removed and a new, similar system installed, it can all be done in a single day. You should make sure you do have the whole day available, as it can take eight hours, but it’s possible for it to be done in as little as four.

Preparing Your Home for AC Installation

Want to see if you can cut down that AC installation timeline and make sure things get done as quickly as possible and go as smoothly as they can? Here’s what to do.

First, think about where the installers will need to park, and which doorway will be easiest for them to maneuver through while they’re carrying units into and out of your home. Make sure their paths will be clear, including to the outdoor unit.

If space is limited, do what you can to clear some room to work around both units. Outdoors, you should rake away any debris or trim any branches or plants that have grown close up against the unit. Finally, when your installers are about to arrive, consider your pets. They’ll be safer, and your installation will be quicker and easier, if they’re kept out of the way entirely, in a separate room.

Now you’re completely prepared! But if you do have any additional questions about AC replacement in Shelby County, AL, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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