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Water Quality Services

Water Quality Services in Birmingham, AL

Safeguarding Your Water Supply from Contaminants with Water Quality Services from Douglas Cooling & Heating

It is an obvious fact that water is essential to the sustenance of life. Yet, many Birmingham, AL homeowners neglect to take steps to improve their water quality. At Douglas Cooling & Heating, we know that the simple installation of a water treatment system can go a long way in ensuring excellent water quality for you and your family. Our comprehensive range of water quality solutions is designed to deliver effective assistance for a variety of water quality problems.


Water Softeners

Water softening systems can solve your hard water issues quickly. Typically, water softeners have filters that eliminate the minerals that are commonly found in hard water supplies. If you’re worried about hard water in your home, we can provide home water softener installation services and walk you through the benefits of a water softening system.

At Douglas Cooling & Heating, our team of plumbers are highly trained in installing and repairing home water softeners. Call us today to schedule service!

Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems

Our priority is the health and safety of our Birmingham, AL customers. We provide water filtration installation for optimal drinking water at an affordable price, along with repair services on that whole-home water filtration system when needed. Thankfully for homeowners, there are plenty of home water filtration systems available for their drinking water needs. We will help you find the right whole-home water filtration system for you from the following options:

Carbon Filters: A carbon filter system works by attracting positively charged chemicals and minerals towards a negatively charged carbon filter.

Three-Stage Filter: A sediment filter (often cellulose-based) will catch large particles. Then, a copper and zinc filter changes chlorine into safe chloride. Lastly, another carbon filter prevents the smallest microscopic materials from passing through into your home’s water supply.

Reverse Osmosis: These filtration systems use a special filter to remove and eliminate radioactive particles and other contaminants that may be missed by other water filtration systems.

Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating for Your Water Service Needs

We’ve been providing expert whole-house water filtration system installation services for over 60 years to the Birmingham, AL area. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today!