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Yes, Your Whole House Generator Needs Maintenance


Congratulations on having a whole house generator! What an excellent investment. No matter when or why a power outage hits, you’ll be prepared. You don’t even have to turn it on. It will come on all by itself when it’s needed! And with none of the safety hazards or inconveniences of portable generators, you’ll save yourself a ton of stress and worry.

When you need your whole house generator, you really need it. It would be terrible to invest in something so useful only to have it not work when the power goes out! The way to make sure your whole house generator will keep you covered during an outage is to have professional generator maintenance done annually. Here’s why.

Use Causes Wear and Tear

The main thing that increases the likelihood of something going wrong with an appliance or system is the number of moving parts. And a whole house generator has plenty of those. During use, there’s a lot of movement in the system. To help with this and avoid excess friction, there’s lubricant to keep everything sliding together smoothly.

All those components can get out of alignment, come loose, or get worn from moving a lot while the generator is running. And all that movement wears away the lubricant. During maintenance, your technician will adjust anything that has moved out of position. Any parts that are worn down can be replaced if necessary. And more lubricant will be added to the places that need it.

Lack of Use Causes Issues, Too

Even if you haven’t had to use your generator in quite a while, it still needs annual maintenance. One major reason for this is that dust, dirt, and grime will accumulate over time. Just like any part of your home will get dirty if you haven’t cleaned it in a year, your generator will too, and it needs a professional cleaning.

That dust and grit can work its way into the moving parts of the generator. This adds to the friction, wear and tear, and system strain that will occur when it does need to come on. And it’s entirely possible for other things to get into your generator as well such as bugs, branches, and rodents. If there’s nesting material or droppings in there, they need to come out. 

Maintenance Improves Efficiency

All the friction and stress on the system we’ve talked about will force your generator to work harder just to get the same job done. How can it work harder? By burning more fuel. Since your generator is probably connected to your local natural gas utility, this will mean having to pay more when your gas bill arrives. This can be avoided with home generator maintenance in Pelham, AL

Your Investment Is Worth Protecting

Systems that receive annual maintenance—whether that’s a furnace, an air conditioner, a generator, or something else—will simply last longer than systems that don’t receive maintenance. All that wear and tear adds up, and eventually, your generator just won’t be able to take it anymore. Keep it running well for as long as possible by prioritizing maintenance.

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