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3 Advantages of Ductless Heating Over Traditional Heating


Ahh, tradition. It can be the best thing there is, especially as holidays are coming up and you may be feeling nostalgic. But there’s a big difference between holiday or family traditions and just taking a traditional approach to something out of habit. This is especially true when it comes to heating your home. 

You may be inclined to keep using the same type of heating system simply because it is familiar. But what if that system isn’t really what would work best for you, your home, or your family? Ductless heating systems might seem new, unusual, or strange. But they have some advantages over traditional home heating systems. Here are three big ones.

1: No Need for Ducts

Some homes simply never had ductwork. They may have been heated solely with fireplaces or woodstoves, or they may have had radiators for a boiler system. In these cases, ductless heating systems are an obvious choice. But most homes do have ductwork. So how would it be an advantage to have a heating system that doesn’t use it?

Well, ductwork comes with a variety of risks and downsides. First, it doesn’t last forever. The gradual deterioration over time will mean that eventually, ductwork needs to be completely replaced, and that is a very costly and inconvenient process. Also, even newer ductwork may be damaged, allowing heat to escape, sucking dust from between your walls into the air you breathe, and leaving your home unevenly heated.

Even without that extra dust, a lot of stuff can accumulate within ductwork and be forced out through your vents. What stuff, you ask? Dust, pet dander, particles from home projects like sawdust or insulation fibers, and more. Mold and bacteria can easily grow in ductwork if even a small amount of moisture accumulates. Allergies and respiratory symptoms can result.

2: Increased Comfort

Remember that part about damaged ductwork causing uneven heating? That’s just one of the uncomfortable things that can be avoided with a ductless heating system. Kinked or pinched ducts can prevent warmth from getting to vents, and torn or cracked ducts can heat places like your attic rather than your living space. But ductless systems always direct the heat right where you need it.

And there’s more! With multiple air handlers throughout your home, each with its own thermostat, ductless systems allow for zone control. Each space can be set to the ideal temperature for the people in it, making for perfect comfort.

3: Efficiency

By avoiding the downfalls of damaged and deteriorating ducts, and by utilizing zone control to limit the amount of heating you need to be perfectly comfortable, ductless systems are more efficient than their traditional counterparts. In fact, damaged ductwork can account for up to 30% of your heating and cooling bill, and zone control is estimated to save you around 30% as well!

If you’re thinking about moving away from tradition and trying a new way of heating your home, a member of our team would be delighted to talk you through all your options, including ductless mini split heating in Shelby County, AL

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