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Generator Services in Birmingham, AL

Think of what you could lose during a major power outage. After several hours, the food in your refrigerator spoils. You might not be able to stay at home without any air or heat, which means spending money finding alternative housing accommodations and traveling unexpectedly. If you have a sump pump in a lower level of your home, this could fail and your home may be at risk of a major flood. And a power outage may happen when you least expect it.

We recommend whole-house generators to homeowners worried about this possibility, or those who have experienced issues in the past. Never again will you have to search for a place to stay or huddle for warmth after a power outage, since your new generator switches on within seconds of a power failure.

Call Douglas Cooling & Heating if you're in need of generator services in Birmingham, AL. We offer fast generator repair services, and have been offering whole-home generation services for decades.

For quality generator services, call Douglas Cooling & Heating, serving Birmingham and the surrounding areas since 1972.

Generator Repair in Birmingham

Generator Repair Services: We offer fast and professional generator repair services. If your generator is not working as it should, contact the expert technicians at Douglas Cooling & Heating. We’re trusted throughout the Birmingham and Pelham area for fast, professional, and on–time service.  

Automatic Standby Generator Services

An automatic standby generator automatically switches over to generator power when there is no longer an electrical circuit detected in the home. You’ll need a qualified electrician for repair, or maintenance, so give us a call to learn more. We want to make sure that you always have power for your most important systems when you need them.

Gas Piping Services

You cannot install a natural gas generator without gas piping. As long as you have natural gas service to your home, we are happy to help. We have the proper qualifications and the right level of experience to work on gas lines and to connect your natural gas generator to the pipes.

Transfer Switch Services

The transfer switch is the brain of your generator, monitoring your power at all times and automatically switching to generator power as needed when there is no electricity. But as soon as you get power back to your home, it switches over to the grid again. We can install, replace, repair or maintain this component.