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Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing Service in Birmingham, AL

The efficiency of your home’s insulation is an important part of maintaining your comfort, as well as keeping operating costs low. If the home is not insulated properly, you could have trouble maintaining proper climate control and waste more energy trying. Of course, some of the most vulnerable points in your home may be so small or well-hidden that you don’t even notice them. That’s where blower door testing comes in. We offer blower door testing service throughout Birmingham, AL. If you need to have your home blower door tested, call today and set up an appointment. Our experts will make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers blower door testing service throughout Birmingham, AL

What Is Blower Door Testing?

Blower door testing is a type of energy evaluation procedure used to find leaks in the home’s insulation. It is necessary to conduct this test before the specific vulnerabilities in the home can be sealed off. During a blower door test, every crack and gap between the home and the outside environment is tightly sealed. Windows, doors, and the like are all blocked off in order to create as much of a barrier as possible between the home and the outer environment.

Then, a large fan is set up in the front doorway of the house. This is the blower door. The blower door is then used to suck air out of the house, creating a large pressure deficit between the indoor and outdoor environments. The rate at which the pressure in the home returns to normal is an indication of how many leaks there are in the home’s insulation. Smoke pencils are often used to find specific cracks so that they can be sealed.

Why Blower Door Testing Is Necessary?

Most people don’t let large holes develop in their home’s insulation without fixing it. Things like holes in the roof or broken windows are often quickly dealt with. However, these are not the biggest threats to the home’s insulation. It is often the very small cracks and crevices, minor areas of vulnerability around the windows or doors, for example, which contribute the most to loss of climate control. If a room in your home feels drafty, you probably have a number of small vulnerabilities somewhere in the walls or floor that are allowing air out. You would never be able to find most of these areas unless you knew exactly where to look, which is why a blower door test is necessary.

We Offer Comprehensive Blower Door Testing Service

If you think you may need a blower door test conducted on your home, call Douglas Cooling & Heating. This is a very specialized procedure that requires very specific equipment, and if done poorly it will render no useful information. You’re going to want to trust the best company you can find to handle your blower door test for you. Our professional technicians have many years of experience with this equipment, so you can rest assured that we’ll do it right. Call today to set up an appointment, and get started on restoring your home’s energy efficiency.