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Duct Testing

Duct Testing Service in Birmingham, AL

If you, like so many other homeowners, use a forced-air distribution system in order to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home, then you know that your ductwork is tasked with this vital job. What you may not realize, though, is that your ductwork may not be in the great shape that you believe it to be in. Over time, environmental conditions can lead to the degradation of your air ducts. They may also be compromised during renovation or construction projects. With this in mind, professional duct testing in Birmingham, AL is certainly a service worth your consideration.

When your furnace or AC breaks down entirely, it is a pretty obvious situation. However, leaking ductwork may not be quite so easily noticed. Because of this, having a professional test your air ducts is really the best way in which to determine if they are in the great shape necessary for doing their job successfully. If you would like to have your air ducts tested by a trained professional, look no further than those here at Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers professional duct testing service in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

How Does Professional Duct Testing Work?

One of the most frequent questions that we hear from our clients concerned about their ductwork is precisely how to test ducts? Well, the fact of the matter is that testing ductwork successfully requires the tools, equipment, and expertise that only trained professionals can possess. While we’re happy to help you to understand how to test ducts, you must keep in mind the fact that this simply is not a DIY–appropriate project.

When we test a ductwork system, our technicians will seal off that system entirely. Registers and vents are closed off, and a calibrated fan is attached to the ductwork. This fan is used to pressurize the air ducts. If we register a difference between the pressurization of the ducts and the actual pressure within the ducts, then it is clear that there is a problem with air leaks. Once we’ve ascertained that this is the case, we can go about advising you about how best to remedy the situation. In some cases, duct repair or replacement may be necessary. In most, though, professional duct sealing will suffice.

When to Schedule Professional Duct Testing

Testing ducts is something that most professionals will advise homeowners do every couple of years. That being said, we know that the pace of modern life means that some things are bound to slip through the cracks. If you do fail to have your air ducts tested every few years, then you should at least know some of the warning signs that your air ducts may be compromised. As soon as you notice them in your home, you should have your air ducts tested.

First of all, always pay attention to how much you are paying to both heat and cool your home. Any inexplicable spike in utility costs may be the result of air leaks in your system, which demands overtime from your HVAC equipment. Also keep your indoor air quality in mind. If your ductwork is leaky, it can allow pollutants into the system, and then your air ducts may distribute them throughout the entire house.