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Ceiling Fans

Birmingham, AL Ceiling Fan Services

Ceiling fans alone cannot cool down a room. When no one is there, a ceiling fan is just a waste of energy, circulating air in a room although no one is around to feel it. But when there are people present, ceiling fans help people to stay comfortable, since the airflow allows them to cool down faster. With a quality ceiling fan in place, you can save money on energy costs, as you may use your air conditioner less frequently. You can even feel more comfortable come wintertime. And your new fan is safe and secure when you get in touch with the expert electricians at Douglas Cooling & Heating for ceiling fan installation and service in Birmingham, AL.

Looking for new ceiling fans or ceiling fan services from certified electricians? Call Douglas Cooling & Heating, serving Birmingham, AL and the surrounding area since 1972.

Ceiling Fan Benefits

Ceiling fans can help you to reduce your dependence on your air conditioning and heating systems. That’s right; a ceiling fan is not only beneficial when your need to cool down. Fans can be just as useful for circulating heat. Though heat rises naturally, a ceiling fan can help to push warm air from your heating system back down, keeping you more comfortable when outside temperatures drop.

This reduces the workload of your air conditioning and heating systems, which may mean even more savings in the long run. You save on energy costs now, and the shorter AC and heater run times may mean fewer repairs or even a longer system lifespan.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Adding a ceiling fan to a room of your home or replacing an old fan is certainly not an easy task. Reaching the ceiling fan’s location is difficult enough, even if you have help from a friend, and it may be unsafe to try it on your own. If the wiring is not just right, the fan may not operate properly, and it might result in some larger electrical issues. In some cases, the electrical panel may even require an update if it’s full. An electrician can ensure that it’s wired properly and safely, and that it gets all of the power it needs to keep you comfortable year round.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Ceiling fan won’t turn on? Running slower than usual? Call in a certified electrician. The problem could have to do with your wiring or it may have to do with the fan motor. An experienced electrician will help you to determine the exact source of the issue so that you don’t end up making any unnecessary repairs or replacing a part that was functioning just fine.

Our electricians provide excellent customer service from start to finish, no matter the size of the job. Whether it’s a routine maintenance check of your electrical system or a brand new installation, we offer some of the finest service in the Birmingham area. Let us do the job safely and make sure that your ceiling fan is up to standard. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today for quality service and fair, accurate, upfront pricing.