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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Services in Birmingham, AL

If you have a home with a large amount of front yard or backyard space here in Birmingham, AL, you need to consider the options for properly lighting it. Outdoor lighting carries different challenges than indoor lighting, as well as different specific needs it must fulfill. A good outdoor lighting system can improve security in your home immeasurably, as well as adding wonderful aesthetics to your yard and helping increase the utility of the space as a whole. But it also needs to account for the weather and similar factors in ways the indoor lighting doesn’t.

That’s why you should trust the experts at Douglas Cooling & Heating for outdoor lighting services. We can cover your system from any angle, whether you want to feel a little safer or you need a pleasing lighting system to compliment your yard and garden. Our trained staff has the skills and experience to do the job right, so give us a call today and let us show you what we’re capable of!

Contact Douglas Cooling & Heating today for outdoor lighting services in Birmingham, AL.

Install Your System with Ease of Access in Mind

When it comes to an outdoor lighting system, placement and location are as important a part of the installation procedure as the actual placement of the lights and wiring; that’s why planning is so important when it comes to proper installation and replacement services. The wiring, electrical connections and other components need to be protected from the wind and rain, as well as things like squirrels chewing on them. But it also needs to be readily accessible in case repairs are needed or when you need to expand or upgrade your system. Douglas Cooling & Heating can help you with all of that, not only during the initial installation, but when you need aging components replaced over time.

Trust the Pros with Outdoor Lighting Repair

When outdoor lighting suffers a breakdown, the cause can be just as important as the effects. If the damaged component is old and outdated, that’s one thing, but if the problem was caused by, say, animals chewing on the wires, or water getting into a sensitive system, then you need to address the source of the issue as well as the damage it has caused. Here in Birmingham, AL, the professionals at Douglas Cooling & Heating handle outdoor lighting repair all the time, and fix the problem right the first time, every time. Contact us today with your issue and we’ll get it addressed properly!

Prevent Outdoor Lighting Repairs with Timely Maintenance

Repairing a problem with your outdoor lighting system is one thing. But even better is preventing those repairs before they start. The indoor lighting in your Birmingham, Alabama home is likely protected from the elements, but wear and tear with outdoor lighting is much more prevalent. A timely maintenance service from one of our trained staff members can keep a damper on that damage, and we may spot trouble before it starts so that you can schedule repairs at leisure instead of having to wait for a breakdown. Whether it’s landscape lighting, security lighting or LED lighting, our staff can make sure it’s probably maintained, so call us today!