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Surge Protection

Surge Protection Services in Birmingham, AL

If you live in Birmingham, AL, you know what kind of spectacular thunderstorms we receive. And with those thunderstorms comes the risk of a power surge, shorting out your home’s electrical grid and possibly causing a great deal of damage in the process. Store-bought surge protectors do little when it comes to keeping your electronics safe, but a whole-house surge protector, installed by the professionals at Douglas Cooling & Heating gives you comprehensive protection.

That way, you’ll never be caught off-guard and your electronic appliances will be kept safe. Considering how much a work-from-home environment is a part of our lives these days and how vital things like computers and Wi-Fi devices have become to work and play alike, surge protection is rapidly becoming a necessity. We have the skills not only to install such a system, but keep it maintained, repair it when it encounters difficulties, and replace it when it’s finally ready to be put out to pasture. Call us today to get the process started!

Rely on quality whole-house surge protection services in Birmingham, AL with Douglas Cooling & Heating.

Whole–House Surge Protection Benefits from Proper Installation

Installation is key when handling surge protection. Your entire house must be protected, which means proper placement, quality wires and similar components, and a process that pays attention to every little detail. That way, the device works exactly as intended, keeping your household electronics safe and ensuring that you don’t encounter any nasty surprises the next time a thunderstorm rolls around. The experts at Douglas Cooling & Heating know how to install whole–house surge protection devices the right way, and if you own a home in Birmingham, AL, you should give us a call right away to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

Electrical Maintenances Keeps Your Surge Protector Safe

Like any other electrical system, your surge protector needs top–notch components to function at its best. Over time, they can degrade, especially in the humidity of our summers. The best way to combat it is a regular maintenance session as part of a larger look at your entire electrical system. That will help prevent corroded or frayed wire, loose connections and similar problems that can lead up to serious issues for major components. With the help from Douglas Cooling & Heating, you can set up a maintenance schedule that keeps wear and tear at bay, while ensuring that your surge protector does its job every time you need it to.

Rely on Use for Repair and Replacement of Your Whole–House Surge Protection

Maintenance is a good habit to get into, but sometimes you’ll need something more. Repair sessions are rare for surge protection devices, but when they do take place, you need them to take place quickly and efficiently. And sometimes, repairs won’t be enough. Either the surge protector will be too damaged, the wear and tear will be too much, or the potential for a major breakdown will be too great to stand by a simple repair job. When that happens, you want a company you can trust there to make the right call and get your surge protector repaired or replaced as needed. In Birmingham, AL, that company is Douglas Cooling & Heating, the ones you can trust for electrical jobs of all varieties!