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Backflow Prevention

Backflow Services in Birmingham, AL

When your plumbing is working as it should be, you likely don’t think twice about your plumbing equipment and keeping it up and running. Backflow is something most homeowners and commercial property owners don’t think much about. 

But if your backflow preventer fails, there’s a potential for wastewater or non-potable water to intermingle with your home’s potable water. A backflow preventer is an aptly named device that prevents the “backflow” of non-potable water to keep it from entering and contaminating the rest of your water supply.

Douglas Cooling & Heating provides comprehensive plumbing services throughout Birmingham, AL.

Backflow Testing

Just like any mechanical device or component in your plumbing system, backflow preventers are subject to wear and tear and can fail over time. If your water comes from a well or you have an irrigation system, you may need backflow testing.

It’s essential to choose a licensed backflow tester like the professional plumbers on our team at Douglas Cooling & Heating. Proper licensing is required in order to perform this service. We provide residential and commercial backflow testing so your home or business will be in compliance with local codes. 

Backflow Installation

Our backflow services include the installation of a backflow preventer that will meet local plumbing codes and requirements for the installation of these devices. Our experienced plumbers will examine your residential or commercial plumbing system, determine where backflow is a threat, and install the right kind of backflow preventer that’ll meet the codes in Birmingham, AL.