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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection in Birmingham, AL

Sewer camera inspections are a service that makes it much easier for plumbers to detect and target the problems that lie deep within your plumbing system. With our comprehensive video pipe inspection services, the team at Douglas Cooling & Heating can pinpoint the cause of plumbing issues such as clogs, root infiltrations, corrosion, and broken pipes.  

We use high-tech equipment and specialized software that allows us to see the exact condition of your home’s pipes. Video pipe and sewer camera inspections can also target large-scale problems such as sewer line replacement and water line replacement with minimally invasive techniques.

Video Camera Inspection

Back in the day, plumbers had to use much more invasive techniques to diagnose plumbing problems. But now, video camera inspections make it much easier to find the issue through the use of digital video cameras, LED lights, and fiber-optic cables. The camera is inserted into the plumbing line, giving our technicians a clear view of the entire length of the pipeline. The camera sends clear images back to a monitor. 

Video Pipe Inspection

Our licensed Birmingham, AL plumbers use a camera to perform video pipe inspections to determine the extent of the problem.  This sometimes occurs before either a drain clearing or cleaning, to gather as much information as possible. For drain cleaning, we use hydro-jetting to flush any debris in the pipe. A camera is used again to confirm the pipe is free from material. 

Sewer Camera

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