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Tank Water Heater

Tank Water Heater Services in Birmingham, AL

There are many different types of water heaters on the market today, but a vast majority of homeowners choose to stick with the tank water heater. Far from an outdated technology, the tank water heater still has a lot to offer, and these systems have only gotten more efficient and reliable over time. If you think that a tank water heater in Birmingham, AL is a good fit for your water heating needs, then just give us a call today.

Even after you decide that a tank water heater is right for you, there are still decisions to make. You'll need an appropriately sized hot water tank, for instance, and you'll have to weigh the merits and the drawbacks of both electric tank water heaters and gas tank water heaters. Don't fret, though. The tank water heater professionals on our staff are here to answer any questions that you may have. When you hire the technicians here at Douglas Cooling & Heating, your 100% satisfaction with your new tank water heater is guaranteed.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers comprehensive tank water heater services in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

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Why Choose a Tank Water Heater?

The tank water heater has long been upheld as the ideal water heating system by many homeowners. They heat water via electric resistance or gas combustion, and the heated water is then stored in a hot water tank for later use. This reservoir of hot water makes the tank water heater very reliable at times when different appliances and/or plumbing fixtures are calling for hot water simultaneously. While standby energy loss, a phenomena in which heat from the water in the tank transfers out to the air surrounding it, cannot be completely eliminated, modern hot water tanks are more efficient than ever, and additional insulation products are available to retard unwanted heat transfer further.

Call for a Tank Water Heater Installation or Replacement

This should be pretty obvious, but we know that there are a lot of enterprising homeowners out there. No matter how handy you may be, it is important that you leave the installation of your tank water heater to a skilled, trained professional. This is the only way to know for sure that your hot water tank is of the right size, and that your tank water heater is properly integrated into your plumbing system at large.

Not only can leaks lead to serious water damage, after all, but even minor hot water leaks can really drive up energy costs in your home. Whether you have a new home in need of a tank water heater installation, or the time is nigh for a tank water heater replacement, we assure you that our technicians will do the job right. Contact us to discuss your options.

Do You Need Tank Water Heater Maintenance or Repairs?

The key to keeping your tank water heater operating at peak performance and efficiency levels is to schedule routine tank water heater maintenance. This gives your technician the opportunity to resolve minor issues with the system while tuning it up, as well as to discover and diagnose more serious problems before real damage is done to your system. Of course, even the best tank water heaters will suffer operational problems at some point.

If you find that your hot water is not quite as hot as it should be, or if your system should give out on you entirely, dial our number right away. The sooner that we can complete any necessary tank water heater repairs, the better off your system is likely to be. When it comes to your tank water heater, it really does not pay off to take unnecessary risks.