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Water Heater Accessories

Water Heater Accessories in Birmingham, AL

Douglas Cooling & Heating has all of the accessories you need to make your water heater run properly and to follow the local codes. Call our experts when your water heater is in need of a new hand, a ball valve, an expansion tank, or any part, big or small. Often, when a system experiences minor problems, you don’t need to replace the entire water heater. You just need to replace a component or two to make the water heater good as new.

Our honest technicians will never try to sell you a new water heater or a water heater accessory unless it is in your best interest. We care about keeping water heaters up to code and making sure that hot water is available throughout the year. We offer 24-hour emergency services, and we can bring the part you need so that your water heater is back to normal as soon as possible.

For water heater accessories in Birmingham, AL, call Douglas Cooling & Heating, serving the surrounding area since 1972.

Additional Water Heater Services

Need a New Water Heater Part?

Even with proper maintenance, the components of your water heater can eventually wear down. Call the water heater specialists at Douglas Cooling & Heating to install your new water heater accessory. We stock all of the following components:

  • Stands – A water heater stand lifts your unit off the ground in order to keep you safe. In fact, the law requires that most water heaters are installed 18 inches off the ground.
  • Expansion Tanks – Water expansion is a normal process that occurs in water heater tanks, as water expands in volume when it heats up. Without the expansion tank, the resulting pressure change would be too much for the hot water tank, so this is a vital component for any tank hot water unit.
  • Pressure Regulators – The pressure regulator is an important safety device, but it could force your water heater to stop working if it malfunctions. A replacement is relatively inexpensive in many instances.
  • Water Heater Pans – A water heater drain pan helps to protect from water damage by collecting any potential water leakage.
  • Ball Valves – If an older drain valve clogs, you may want to replace it with a ball valve so that water has a way to drain as a routine maintenance task.

Call Our Water Heater Specialists

Call the friendly specialists in the Birmingham, AL area to learn more about the parts we install and service. Don’t assume the worst when your water heater is working incorrectly, as it may actually be an easy fix for our team, since we keep so many of these accessories on hand. You may want to consider replacing some components before they become too worn down. Or you might want to add on a water heater pan, ball valve, or stand if you do not already have one in place.

Douglas Cooling & Heating stocks only the finest products, and we provide excellent service and quality workmanship with any installation. Call us to learn more about our selection of water heater accessories. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions any time.