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Communicating Technology

Communicating Technology in Birmingham, AL

For many decades, the way that homeowners communicated with their heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to tell them how to control their indoor comfort was through manual thermostats. Pushing a slide or turning a dial is a simple way to run heaters and air conditioners. But simple necessarily doesn’t mean better: old manual thermostats often lead to inaccurate indoor temperatures, and they miss out on the numerous benefits of programmability that allow homeowners to maximize home energy consumption without reducing their families’ comfort. Considering the modern technology available today for communication, there are so many better options for maintaining the indoor environment in your home.

Douglas Cooling & Heating is proud to offer complete service to install, repair, maintain, and replace the finest in communicating technology for home comfort. Contact us to learn about the Evolution Series Controls from Bryant that give you access to your HVAC equipment through your phone, from almost anywhere in the world! Let our skilled technicians help you receive the best service possible from your heating and cooling system in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

In order to remotely control your HVAC unit, you’ll need communicating technology, and Douglas Cooling & Heating is the company to make that happen if you live in Birmingham, AL.

Douglas Cooling and Heating will install a new Bryant Evolution system in your home at your request.

We Install Bryant evolution Series Communicating Equipment

Bryant, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment, has developed the most powerful equipment to manage communication between the homeowner and the heating, cooling, and ventilation system. The Evolution Series not only manages communication between the user and the HVAC system, but also communication between the system components themselves so that they automatically configure and calibrate themselves. Each time you make an adjustment to the settings, the components communicate with each other and run through troubleshooting to make sure that the system operates at highest efficiency.

The Bryant Remote Access Touch Control Thermostat gives you an easy to use touchscreen interface. It also connects to the Internet, allowing you to operate the controls form almost anywhere in the world. It includes apps for weather, performance, energy cost analysis, and more. You only need to call our expert technicians to arrange for installation of Evolution Series Controls.

Repairs and Maintenance for Your Communicating Equipment Are Easy

Here’s another major benefit of the Evolution Series Controls: they are self–reporting, so if they ever encounter a malfunction or other operating issue, they will notify our technicians before the homeowners are even aware that a problem exists. We’ll call you to arrange for coming to your home and repairing the problem. Basically, when you have an Evolution Series installed, it’s like having the "Easy Button" for repairs and maintenance.

Call Today to Learn More about the BRYANT EVOLUTION Controls

The Bryant Evolution Series Communicating Equipment is a fresh development in technology. But you don’t want a fresh company without experience to install or service one! Douglas Cooling & Heating has been in business in Birmingham since 1972, and we’ve grown into one of the most successful and respected family–owned and operated businesses in the state. Our team offers the finest in customer service on every job. When you contact us about Evolution Series Controls for your home, you’ll find that we offer the most evolved Comfort!