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Allergies? Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Flowers are blooming, Little League is in season, and people are starting to roam outdoors as temperatures start to rise. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, along with the spreading of pollen, dust and other allergens.

To escape these allergens, homeowners seek refuge indoors. Without proper protection to combat the allergens from overrunning your home, you will still deal with allergies, asthma issues and other health problems due to allergen exposure.

A Clean Home Equals Improved Indoor Air Quality

Routine HVAC service, UV filters and media air cleaners are excellent options to improve your indoor air quality. However, routine cleaning, such as vacuuming, sweeping and dusting, keep the dirt, dust and other particles in your home low.

Allergens don’t stay suspended in the air. They float and settle on different surfaces in your home, building up if they aren’t dealt with on a regular basis. Eliminating the dust and allergens by cleaning will increase your indoor air quality and help keep your HVAC system clean longer between maintenance calls.

Schedule HVAC Service

Before the heat and humidity hit your home this spring, call Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule service for your heating and cooling system. During the fall and winter, different particulates build up in your HVAC system. Dirt, dust and debris accumulate within your HVAC unit and the ductwork. As spring starts up more dirt, debris, and pollen are circulated into your home on top of whatever has built up over the winter months, compromising your indoor air quality.

Seasonal maintenance on your cooling system reduces the amount of pollen, dirt and dust, keeping it clean during the hottest months. A clean system will function more efficiently, and your air won’t be contaminated with allergens as it circulates throughout your unit and ductwork. Besides a healthy, cleaner indoor air quality, you will have lower energy bills when your equipment is kept clean year-round. A dirty unit is forced to work harder to maintain ideal temperatures throughout your home, which continuously wastes energy.

Media Air Cleaners

A media air cleaner works hand-in-hand with your cooling system to trap and eliminate particulates affecting your health and reducing your indoor air quality. An air cleaner offers peace of mind knowing your entire home’s air is kept clean every time your unit is running. Installation of a media air cleaner has two options, a duct-based unit or a filter-based unit. Both offer the same benefits and keep you and your family breathing clean air day and night.

High-Efficiency UV Filters

High-efficiency UV lights are great for protecting your indoor air from pollutants and allergens. The UV lights can sterilize two different ways. You have the option to use the UV lights 24/7 to sterilize the air handler coil or have the UV lights operate only when the HVAC system cycles on, sterilizing the air as it blows through the air handler. The ultraviolet light eliminates condensation and mold from developing in your unit and your home. The extra protection against mold and mildew provides you with higher indoor air quality from the start.

Reduce Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew reduce your indoor air quality and are a common problem for people with allergies and asthma. Spring brings lots of rain and increased humidity, resulting in the growth of mold and the spreading of mold spores throughout your home. Your cooling system doesn’t eliminate moisture, and with the help of a whole-home dehumidifier, you can maintain healthy humidity levels indoors. A dehumidifier reduces the excess moisture your home and in your HVAC system. By controlling the humidity and condensation, you will have cleaner air and avoid health issues due to mold and mildew.

Control your allergies this spring by taking preventative steps to improve your indoor air quality. With on-going training, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are always up-to-date on the latest advancements in the heating and cooling industry, including efficient indoor air quality products. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule routine maintenance or to learn more about the variety of indoor air quality products we offer.

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