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Indoor Air Quality Tips for Better Sleep

Let’s learn how indoor air quality improvements benefit you because you cannot underestimate the importance of good sleep. Allergy and asthma symptoms can keep you up at night. Viruses or other illnesses worsened by poor air quality can prevent your body from getting the rest it needs to heal.

Douglas Cooling & Heating offers a range of indoor air quality solutions to help you sleep better throughout the year.

Indoor Air Quality Tip #1 – Air Filter Changes

As airborne contaminants circulate through your home, your air filter traps them. When the filter becomes clogged, it no longer effectively removes contaminants.

This means more allergens are left in your home’s air supply. These allergy triggers can cause discomfort and prevent a restful night of sleep.

Always change your air filter on a regular basis. First, check with the filter manufacturer to see how often you should be changing it. In homes with high allergen levels, such as those with pets, your filter ought to change a bit more frequently.

If you have allergy or asthma sufferers in your home, upgrade to a filter with a MERV rating between 8 and 13. It will give you increased allergen removal power to reduce symptoms among your loved ones.

Indoor Air Quality Tip #2 – HVAC Tune-Ups

An HVAC system tune-up is an invaluable tool for improving indoor air quality. During an HVAC tune-up, techs clean components to eliminate dirt, dust and debris. These pollutants are easily picked up by circulating air and transported back into your living areas.

An HVAC tune-up also helps your equipment perform better, so your home will receive the air circulation it needs to keep you comfortable as you sleep. Duct obstructions, leaks and other airflow-hindering issues are found during a tune-up.

This helps you rest assured your bedrooms remain comfortable overnight.

Indoor Air Quality Products

There are many indoor air quality products to help you gain a better night’s sleep. Some of the great solutions Douglas Cooling & Heating offers include:

  • Whole home humidifiers: Dry air can cause great discomfort, from itchy skin to dry nasal passages which make it difficult to sleep restfully. Whole home humidifiers work with your heating system. They add needed moisture to the air and circulate it into your living areas and bedrooms.
  • Air purifiers: Air purifiers offer enhanced contaminant control to drastically reduce those frustrating allergy symptoms which keep you from sleeping peacefully. They effectively remove up to 99 percent of common allergens such as pet dander, dust and dust mites, pollen and more.
  • UV lights: With cold season upon us, we all know how difficult it can be to get the sleep you need when you’re feeling ill. UV lights can help you gain a better night’s sleep by killing pathogens to prevent illness.

    They are installed within your HVAC system and use ultraviolet light to neutralize mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and germs while preventing their regrowth. Keep your household healthier and prevent the discomfort of restless sleep while ill.

Rest Easy with Douglas Cooling & Heating’ Indoor Air Quality Products and Services

Ready for a better night’s sleep? Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today and find the indoor air quality solutions your home needs to create a healthy, restful environment to benefit your family.

Interested in new equipment or upgrades? Your health is important to us, as well as your comfort and safety. We provide finance options for your convenience. In addition, we offer free estimates for new HVAC and IAQ equipment, so call us today! 

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