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Should I Replace My Circuit Breaker?

Of all the systems in your home, your electrical system is perhaps the most important! Therefore, you want to make sure that when certain components of your electrical system become worn out or obsolete that you make the necessary upgrades to keep you, your family, and your home as safe and as efficient as possible.

One component of your electrical system that you do not want to ignore is your circuit breaker. You see, over time, circuit breakers begin to wear out, which can be pretty problematic, especially in the event of a power surge! Below, we have listed some of the signs that suggest it’s time to replace your circuit breaker. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more.

What Does a Circuit Breaker Do?

Your circuit breaker is responsible for breaking the circuit in case of faulty conditions in order to protect the power system equipment as well as the electronic devices in your home. It is definitely one of the most important of your electrical system, which is why it is so important that yours is in good working condition.

  1. Rust or burn marks on or around the circuit breaker: Wires that have worn out inside the circuit breaker can create small electrical fires. Generally, these fires quickly burn themselves out, but still, they will leave behind burn marks. Electrical fires are definitely not something you want inside your home, so if you notice any signs that this problem has been occurring, it is probably best to have it replaced.
  2. Breakers will not remain reset: In normal circumstances, resetting a tripped breaker should resolve your problem. However, a faulty circuit breaker can continually trip the breakers, which can definitely be a nuisance. It might just be that your circuit breaker is old and outdated, in which case, a replacement is your best option. Have a professional electrician take a look at it to determine the best course of action.
  3. You still have a fusebox: Fuseboxes were used before circuit breaker panels, but they essentially perform the same function. Instead of simply flipping a breaker switch, however, it will burn out a fuse, forcing you to replace it with a new one. Fuseboxes can become dangerous and inconvenient very quickly if you have a circuit that continually breaks.

Call in a Professional

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your electrical system, it is absolutely essential that you hire a professional electrician in Alabaster for all your repairs and replacement services. Attempting to handle your electrical system all on your own can be incredibly dangerous, so trust us when we say that you don’t want to take any risks! Calling in a professional is the best way to ensure that the job is done safely and correctly the first time around. You can call our team whenever you want electrical work that can keep you safe and comfortable all for the right price.

To schedule your electrical services, contact the team at Douglas Cooling & Heating today! Your experience is what matters most! 

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