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Why Bi-Annual Heat Pump Maintenance is a Good Idea

We’re moving deeper into winter, which means that you should schedule maintenance for your heat pump if you haven’t already. Even if you have already scheduled maintenance this year, you should have a professional check your heat pump before the weather gets too cold. Read on to find out why this is.


The reason that you want to schedule maintenance for your heating system is that you can save quite a bit of money doing it. Most heat pump problems are subtle, and do not manifest easily recognizable symptoms until quite late. You want to catch problems as quickly as possible, and the best way to do that is with preventive maintenance. Maintenance appointments give your technician the opportunity to find issues before they can develop too far. Fixing these issues early can save you quite a bit of money in repair costs over the life of the heat pump. You should also consider that maintenance puts your system in the best possible shape before one of the more stressful times of year for it.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Under normal circumstances, a climate control system would only need preventive maintenance once a year. For heat pumps, though, the need is doubled. This is because heat pumps are used all year-round, which means they wear down twice as fast as other systems. If you want to get the full benefit of preventive maintenance, you’re going to need to schedule maintenance for your heat pump every spring and fall. Even if you wait until winter, it’s better to have it done late than never.

Douglas Cooling and Heating offers heat pump maintenance services throughout Mountain Brook, AL. If you need heat pump services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll make sure that your heat pump serves you well this winter.

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