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Why There Is Ice Inside Your AC

Frozen-ACIt may be fall according to the calendar but we are still focusing on keeping cool around here in Jefferson County. Our air conditioners and heat pumps still have plenty to do before things really start to cool off. That means it is still important to make sure that these systems are able to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. One way to ensure this is the case is by keeping on top of any and all repair needs your system may have.

Speaking of repairs, one important one to address is the build-up of ice in your air conditioner. This is one AC repair in Jefferson County, AL that you should always take care of as quickly as possible. Leaving it alone will only make things worse and can end up costing you the entire system! Here’s what you need to know about the appearance of ice inside your AC and why it justifies a call for AC repairs ASAP.

Ice Isn’t a Sign of a Good AC

You want to address this off the bed because this is a common misconception. Ice buildup inside of your AC does not mean that your AC is simply something really well. In fact, it actually means that your system is malfunctioning. The causes of this problem are relatively serious for the well-being of your air conditioner. This is why we encourage addressing them as soon as possible.

Possible Causes of Ice Buildup in Your System

So what causes your air conditioner to start collecting ice? there’s more than one potential cause. Here are the most common ones:

  • Poor airflowYour system needs a steady flow of hot air to cool down in order to function. The system literally depends on the ability to absorb heat and push it outside in order to run properly. If the airflow is reduced due to things like a clogged air filter then can lead to the creation of ice in the system.
  • A refrigerant leak: Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioner. When your AC develops a refrigerant leak and starts to lose some of this precious substance it can make it hard for it to properly absorb heat. This means that the remaining refrigerant is going to cause the system to cool the air immediately around the coil for more than usual leading to ice buildup.
  • A dirty evaporator coil: Dirt and debris will collect on your evaporator coil over time. Make sure to keep this Quail clean otherwise it can hinder the heat absorption process as well and lead to ice buildup.
  • An incorrectly sized air conditioner: Proper sizing is vital to proper operation. If your AC is too small for your home it will struggle to cool things down. If it is too large it won’t have enough heat to warm the system properly causing it to ice over.

Ice collecting within your air conditioner is a sign of a big problem. Make sure to schedule repairs today to get this issue resolved.

Your experience is what matters most! Contact your local experts at Douglas Cooling & Heating to schedule your AC repairs today.

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