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Why Your Ductless System is Stuck in Cooling Mode

Ductless systems, like all heat pumps, are prized for their ability to switch back and forth between heating and cooling modes. That’s normally quite an advantage, but it can become a pain when the system gets stuck in one mode or another. If your ductless system is stuck in air conditioning mode when you’re trying to heat your home, read on to find out why.

The Reversing Valve

Ductless systems both heat and cool homes using refrigerant. One of the units will evaporate refrigerant to absorb heat from the surrounding air, while the other unit condenses refrigerant to vent the collected heat. The ability to switch back and forth depends on a part called the reversing valve.

The reversing valve is a 4-way valve that sits in the refrigerant line of the system. Inside the valve is a slide that moves back and forth between two positions. Depending on which position the slide is in, the direction of the refrigerant flow will be changed and the system will be in either heating or cooling mode. The slide is controlled by an electromagnet called the solenoid. If there is a problem with the reversing valve, the system can become stuck in one mode or another.


There are two possibilities if your ductless system had become stuck in air conditioning mode. One possibility is that the slide in the valve is simply stuck. The valve will need to be opened (by a professional) for the slide to be freed and the system to resume normal operation. If the solenoid has lost its charge, though, it will need to be replaced completely.

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