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4 Signs That Your Home Needs Rewiring


Major wiring problems often occur in older homes where the electrical work has deteriorated over decades or the materials are now outdated and considered to be less safe than the types of wiring electricians use today.

But they can also occur in newer homes for a wide variety of reasons, from shoddy repairs to rodent damage. How can you tell if your home needs electrical rewiring? Here are 4 signs. If you spot them, for your safety, get an electrician to take a look right away.

Tripped Breakers

It’s normal to occasionally have a circuit breaker trip in your electrical panel. This happens when a circuit is overloaded, such as by plugging in something that uses a lot of electricity (like a vacuum cleaner) on a circuit that is already running an energy-intensive appliance (like an air conditioner). But if it happens frequently, or when you haven’t turned anything new on, you’ve got a problem.

It may be a wiring problem. Or it may be that your electrical panel is simply not equipped to handle the energy needs that your home currently has, and it needs an upgrade. And if, instead of a circuit breaker box, you have an old-fashioned fuse box, you definitely need an upgrade!

Lighting Issues

If your lights flicker and dim, especially when an appliance comes on, don’t blame it on ghosts! It’s an indication of a problem with the electrical wiring in your home. And if your lightbulbs burn out frequently, it’s not a paranormal phenomenon. It may be fluctuating levels of power or a mismatch between the capacity of your home’s wiring and the needs of the fixture.

Sounds and Smells

A mysterious buzzing sound in your home is always worth investigating, but you shouldn’t poke around for the source of the noise yourself. Burning wires can make a sizzling buzz, and an electrician is the one who should investigate. They’re well-trained in staying safe and preventing electrocution, which is what you’d risk if you went reaching into walls and crawl spaces yourself.

Electrical fires also have a distinctive smell, quite different from a campfire. It may smell acrid, dry, sharp, or like chemicals or burning plastic. In some cases, it even smells a bit like fish. If you notice these odors, don’t ignore them and hope for the best. Electrical fires can often happen inside walls, behind switches or outlets, or in other places you can’t easily see.

Scorch Marks

This may be the most obvious indication that something is seriously wrong: a scorched or blackened mark, sometimes in a burst-shaped pattern. You might spot this on an outlet or switchplate, or inside your electrical panel box. This is where there was a spark, the start of a fire, but it went out. You might not be so lucky next time, so you need electrical wiring services in Shelby County, AL right away.

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