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Air Conditioner Going to Go All Summer?

Summer isn’t over yet, which means your air conditioner still has a lot of work to do before it’s time to fire up your heating system. Do you know if your unit will last the rest of summer? If you forgot to schedule a tune-up before summer started, it’s not too late.

Air conditioner service keeps you informed about the health of your equipment and provides insight into how well it’s operating.

If your air conditioner is too far gone and you think a repair is on the horizon, don’t wait! Call Douglas Cooling & Heating now. Discovering issues before your air conditioner breaks down will be less expensive and will save your unit from further damage.

If you are already dealing with a broken air conditioner and searching for options for a new unit, we have you covered!

Call for Service or Repair Before a Breakdown

An air conditioner is just like a car. It requires maintenance and the occasional repair to keep it running smoothly throughout the season. You wouldn’t take your car on a 72-hour road trip without having it inspected by a professional. The same goes for your air conditioning system.

Routine service, before the heat hits, checks for irregularities in your air conditioner’s performance and notifies the technician if there are potential problems to be addressed now.

Even scheduling service late in the summer can catch issues before they escalate. It’s never too late for your air conditioner to be cleaned and inspected.

During a service call, our technicians will take note of any signs of wear and tear and recommend the replacement of components before they fail. This allows your unit to operate more efficiently and extends its lifespan.

If you are at the point where a repair is needed, our NATE-certified technicians will assess the situation and offer solutions to get your unit working smoothly before the end of summer.

Sometimes the repair work is minor and catching it early will save you an expensive breakdown in the future. You only need to call Douglas Cooling & Heating, and we will provide you with the best air conditioner service possible.

From Breakdown to Upgrade

Unfortunately, your air conditioner breaking down is inevitable, especially if you waited too long to schedule service or repair. All is not lost, though.

Douglas Cooling & Heating has several efficient air conditioning units and will get your home to your desired temperature before summer ends. We offer free estimates so you can start to make decisions about your new investment.

If you are worried about your budget and how to afford a new air conditioner, try not to stress. We offer promotional deals on new systems, which come in handy when it’s time to purchase a new air conditioner.

Douglas Cooling & Heating also has several different financing options for you to choose from, which allows you to buy a new unit to fit your budget. The various financing options include:

  • Wells Fargo
  • Microf
  • Synchrony Financial
  • Alabama Power and
  • Spire.

All of our financing options offer different features. You are given options for how often you make a payment and can manage your account online. Don’t let the expense stop you from enjoying ideal temperatures in your home.

Take the Next Step to a Functioning and Efficient Air Conditioner

Show your air conditioner how much you need it by scheduling service now. Our HVAC professionals can handle anything, from maintenance calls to tune-ups to repairs. Call Douglas Cooling & Heating today and get your cooling issues under control!

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